Iron lady back where she belongs!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by datumhead, Sep 13, 2007.

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  1. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    She only lived there for eleven years of course. Do you think the Alzheimers has kicked in?
  2. That'd be two fingers at the Unions then :)

    'Huge mistake'

    "But Paul Kenny, general secretary of the GMB union, said the visit was "a huge political mistake" which would damage Labour's credibility with its core voters."
  3. Only one Union - the Soviet Union..
  4. The only place she belongs is in the ground the horrible old evil c unt...

    the quicker she shuffles off the better.
  5. I agree, she started our moral decline.
  6. You two would be singing from another fucking songsheet if the Falklands got invaded again.

    Its ironic that our 1st Female Prime Minister was probably the only one that had the balls to go and send a Task Force down there.

    Put it this way, if the Falklands got invaded tomorrow, i'd still be packing desert rather than DPM kit for a potential deployment!

    Gutless politicians have followed her.
  7. Don't kid yourself that the manipulative witch did that for any other reason than to keep her clutches on power...

    Tell it to the lads who bought the farm at goose green so she could have her "quick victory"

    Then decimated the army with cuts not 4 years later....

    hope she dies in pain, thinking of all the people she f ucked over in this country...

    crooked old whore
  8. In my experience with a little wine and encouragement all girls do back door.

  9. Side door for fcuks sake,

    When did she ever do that. She had more bolloxs than Regan or Bush Senior.
  10. No, that started in the 1960s! Thatcher might have given it a shove but this lot have pushed their noses into the trough with unbounded enthusiasm!

  11. Perhaps you are right, I meant the greed and selfishness which followed the neutering of the unions was a result of her decision to make the UK more like the US.
  12. Refer to my previous comments about the Union.
  13. Pret where is your brain son? It was a decision based on her waning political career at the time and did the trick at the expense of our lives. If I'm wrong perhaps you'd enlighten me as to what use the Falklands are to us. Admit it...its the sheep innit?!!