Iron lady? A rusting hulk? Howard lays her legacy to rest

Is Howard right to modernise?

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War Hero
She was what was needed then time to move on and change now
I don't know about this, I feel uneasy about it. It seems that in an effort to be everything to everbody that they will dilute all of their policies down until they are ineffectual. They need to be more decisive on their core polices, not less so. They should be making more of a fuss on government waste, the EU, the tax burden, the state of the Forces, the hampering of the police and the courts.
The Tory party HAS to modernise for the sake of the UK. I am disgusted with new labour and fear for this country when Brown takes over. The danger with Labour is they creep perniciously across the land.

To challenge this the Tory MUST modernise. They have to get away from the get rich mentality of the 80's & 90's reclaim the centre ground. Yes that means tax at 35-40% GDP to fund public services. That is what the public want, rightly or wrongly.

However, the public are sick to death of the lack of Respect. Sadly Blair and cronies don't live in the world that we live so think that a working group will sort everything out, with some gimmicks. Whoever takes over from Howard needs one word to defeat Blair and that is RESPONSIBILITY. You can apply it to practically every ill in society today and it will help people understand what is going to with health service, benefit, pension reforms.

Reform or die, get some new faces in and more importantly actively recruit the next generation of conservative members. It is time to start knocking on doors across the inner cities, challenge labour and you will get back many of the votes lost to the LD, Veritas and UKIP.
Yes they need to modernise.

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