Iron Dome - Respec!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by loofkar, Nov 18, 2012.

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  1. The fourth Hamas doodlebug to reach Tel Aviv was just intercepted overhead by 2 Iron dome missiles. The only known damage being a car hit by the falling debris, causing it to catch fire. The battery was set up yesterday morning and successfully intercepted it's first missile at 16:30. It actually works! A potential game changer. Makes one feel a lot less helpless.
  2. Cannot possibly stop all of them tho,it's just a matter of time before the Bearded Weirdo's make a direct hit on Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.
  3. Friend of mine works with Iron Dome in the IDF. Nice bit of kit by all accounts and working very impressively considering its only been operational for a few years. Hopefully the Govt over there will decide to extend Iron Dome coverage to more of the country. Its only real downside is the cost compared to that of the munitions it intercepts (those ex soviet rockets are relatively cheap in comparison)

    Rad somewhere its capable of detecting and intercepting larger artillery rounds too but not sure if it was speculation
  4. Have heard that the FDC only targeted those Missiles headed for populated areas. If the track is headed for fields or woods missile isnt fired upon.
  5. Sounds a reasonable option to me.
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  6. Specially when you compare the cost per unit of an Iron Dome missile to that of a qassam rocket
  7. Interesting thought. From the height above me of the intercepts since Thursday I reckon it would help disperse the chemical agent and help weaken its concentration before it eventually reached the ground.
  8. plus the detonations heat might render the potency of the stuff to a lesser threat. Similar with Biological stuff too.

    $90,000 per missile is quite pricey but compared to the uproar for each life lost in it absence, it sounds like a handy system.

    Read somewhere South Korea and NATO are potential customers in future
  9. Pah......more importantly, can it intercept cricket balls traveling at X times the speed of sound...that's the key metric.
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  10. What if you compare costs when one of them lands on a hospital or block of flats? Notwithstanding lives lost, the cost of rebuilds soon adds up(?)
  11. Another successful intercept 10 minutes ago - explosion was massive.
  12. Why would the Frumars target their own towns?
  13. Saw the footage on TV.

    I was wondering if they have put a Goalkeeper type system on some of the more senstive places around Tel Aviv, as a back up to Iron Dome.
  14. Jerusalem too as Hamas have started hitting there too. And certain places in Jerusalem would cause utter chaos if damaged