Iron Curtain Trail

I have an idea, why don't you come over here? BTW, you definitely need a visa for Kaliningrad. The Russian Embassy in Prague will sort you out...
Visa for Kaliningrad though?
The border with Poland and Kaliningrad seems to be fairly straighforward - certainly local Poles are allowed to cross without visas, I would suspect if you are on a bike with a valid passport you can just buy a visa at the border post, if you are driving there is always a big traffic jam.
Radio Prague - Cycle path traces former Iron Curtain, revealing forgotten history and unspoiled nature

Not sure if any of you have heard about this but I will try to go along the Moravian border this summer and let you know. The German trail would be great fun to trek!

Anyone interested?

I cycled this 4/5 years ago in two 10 day stages: Travemünde to the Harz Mountains the first year and the Harz to the Dreiländereck behind Hof the second. I however am a slooow cyclist - I met several cyclists who did the whole thing in one go. Mind you they were half my age!

I can thoroughly recommend this - it was a great experience. Incidentally I did also meet a guy who was walking it.

These are the bibles for this route:

Verlag Esterbauer

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