Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PLANK, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. Hi I am not sure where to POST THIS :frustrated: :frustrated:
    It's question time and could anyone HELP.
    Is the Iron Cross Medal (which was instituted in 1813 ?? by King Freidrich Wilhelm the 3rd still awarded to German Citizens since 1945 :pirat:
  2. 2 guesses and its not yes
  3. they now days receive a rather nice red enamel cross with a black eagle on it ,,in various classes,,-called bundersverdeinst cross...
    the iron cross if awarded before 1945 canstill be worn in the 1957 pattern,,,ie the swastica is removed...
  5. No, it's not. See Bundesverdienstkreuz :

    Wikipedia entry
  6. Thats a shame "Come with me I will show where the bundersvedeinst
    crosses grow "dosen't have the same ring :mrgreen:
  7. Am I alone in thinking that the demise of the Iron Cross is a bit sad? Sometimes I like to goose-step around wearing great uncle Herman's Iron Cross First Class with Oakleave Clusters.... :skull: Or I let my cat wear it:

  8. Love the snap Andy! The cat looks very chuffed as well!
  9. MY GOD..
    the cat even has an adolf tache as well..
  10. A german newsagent would know the answer as long as you asked first "ver ar your papers"
  11. Ich nehme an das nicht so viele Deutsche Soldaten werden dieses 'Bundeswehrverdienstkruez' im Afgahnistan verdienen - oder ?
  12. Down the hall, first on your right, and don't forget to flush.
  13. The cat's name is Adolf Kittler. He is Mein Fur-er :bigsmurf: :bigsmurf:
  14. Herr Ball, surely?