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Discussion in 'RAC' started by irishpacker, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. I have two basic questions about the RAC which I hope you guys can answer:

    1 - I am Irish, living in Dublin Ireland. Due to family history and personnel passion for the armoured corps I have my heart set on joing the RAC when I finish college next year (2009). I hope to enter as an officer. My question is, what regiment should I join? As I live in Ireland I am not living in any of the armoured regiments regions of recruitment, and the regiemts I have had a family history with have presently been absorbed by other regiments. What should I do?

    2 - Obviously not everyone can command a Challenger 2 MBT due to numbers, but what are the realistic chances of me doing so? As I said, I have my heart set on commanding a Challenger.

    Thanks, I hope you can help me out!
  2. Isn't 1RTR an "Irish" Armoured Regiment?
  3. Not from what I can see. There doesn't seem to be an "irish" armoured regiment. The reg' I have a family history with has presently been amalgamated into the 2RTR... I dont think that means anything now though.
  4. So the family history was with the Third
  5. The 6th actually, which did end up in the 3rd, and is now the 2nd.
  6. Try the Queens Royal Hussars - derived from the Queens Royal Irish Hussars and the Queens Own Hussars or the Royal Dragoon Guards (4/7 DGs and 5th Inniskilling DGs. Both with sound Irish pedigrees. We could go further back and try the Queens Royal Lancers (one quarter of them was the 5th Irish Lancers), but they are Scimitar and no longer CR2 unlike the former 2 regiments.

  7. To answer your first question:
    Without doubt, it's got to be the Royal Dragoon Guards. Formed in 1992 from the 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards and the 4/7th Royal Dragoon Guards (who also had the 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards in their pedigree).

    A healthy mixture of Irish (both Northern and Southern) and English (predominantly Yorkshire, but with a few Cumbrians, scousers and woolybacks thrown in) the RDG are proud of their roots on both sides of the water. Google 'Royal Dragoon Guards' and have a look at the Regimental Association site for history and recruitment.

    After you join as an ordinary soldier, you will be trained in all the crew positions, and will be initially employed as a driver or gunner on CR2.

    You may be considered for the crew-commanders course when you reach the rank of Cpl, provided you have the right attitude, aptitude and experience.

    As an officer, having been thoroughly beasted in all aspects of infantry tactics you will pass out of Sandhurst and attend a troop leaders course which is similar to the crew commanders except it's not as tough and you will be expected to have longer, floppier hair and fall asleep in lessons due to the fact that you've spent the entire weekend in Chelsea, pissing it up and trying to get into the pants of some generals daughter.

    Having passed the course you will arrive at the regiment and will take command of a troop of tanks (under the wary guidance of an extremely capable troop sergeant).

    So to answer your second question:
    You have every chance of commanding a Challenger 2 whether you join as a soldier or an officer, provided you are prepared to put the work in before hand and gain the necessary experience and qualifications.


    Quis Separabit
  8. I clicked on this expecting it to contain a joke,akin to the hilarious "Paddy and Murphy" routines.

    Outraged of Betws-y-Coed.
  9. Thank you for the reply I really appreciate your help! I'm going into this with very little knowledge of the regiments and their cultures, so I really want to make sure I get my choice right first time.

    Can I ask you guys about how I, as an Irish man from the republic, would be treated in the British Armoured corps? If I am going to be leading men in battle, would they have less respect for me because I'm not from the UK? I have talked to many guys who have served or are currently serving and they have all said it is not an issue, except there are a few regiments where there might be problems...
  10. My advice is don't be a w@nker and you will not be treated as a w@nker no matter where you are from.
  11. Soild advice
  12. Tankieboy has it in one.

    There are a few recent threads on arrse on the same subject with particularly helpful advice from people like Bugsy who I believe is also from your neck of the woods.

    If you need any further info, advice or indeed the perspective of an Irishman from the north of the border then PM me. Other than that, whatever choice of regiment will be the right one in the end - you will serve in a proud unit with a bunch of like minded individuals whom you will bond with regardless of where they are from.

    Take the plunge and enjoy... :D


    Quis Separabit
  13. Although it is now seems like the dark ages, during my time at JLR both as a boy and 2 x tours as a PS, most Irish lads went into the 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards rather than the QRIH.
  14. Personnel passion?

    You will go far

  15. .. that was also my experience as well, I was at JLR in '72 and QRIH had a large cockney contingent