Irish troops to Afghanistan?

Irish troops may be asked to serve in Afghanistan if they are withdrawn from Chad, according to a report in today's Irish Independent:

Irish troops may be asked to serve in Afghanistan
By Tom Brady

Monday August 03 2009

IRISH peacekeeping troops may be asked to serve in Afghanistan if the Government accepts recommendations to abruptly end Defence Forces participation in the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Chad.

Government ministers have been warned that an early end to our role in Chad will result in pressure from the UN and major international players to send soldiers to Afghanistan.

At present the Defence Forces have a minor deployment of seven personnel, including bomb disposal experts and an intelligence cell, attached to the UN mission headquarters in a secure compound in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

But rising threat levels there in the past year resulted in the purchase of armoured Nissan patrol vehicles from Spain to provide greater protection for the Irish personnel when they leave the compound.

The UN is expected to seek a large contingent of Irish troops for Afghanistan if we leave the Chad mission in the coming months.

The proposal to withdraw from Chad in March -- two years after Irish troops joined the mission there -- was made by An Bord Snip Nua last month.

- Tom Brady
There is a discussion about it on Irish Military Online, with a large number in favour of it, but sceptical about whether it would come off due to political will and logistics

Anybody on here have any thoughts? As somebody who will not be called on to deploy by any army, I'd rather not be seen as saying "Yea, great, go put yourself in harms way, I'll keep the place tidy while you're gone".

edited due to mong spelling
I know one the the lads there right now. Although not in the t'ick of it in Helmand still making a contribution. Many of the lads would fancy a trip down south but the ask goes back to Dub' not up the coridoor.
There will not be a 'fighting' element to the Irish involvement, there is not the capacity in the orbat to do it.
Its a statement of fact not a knock of the willingness of the Irish soldiers by the way.
(Take care C G if you read this)

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