Irish Travellers - Oh what fun we had... Big up to ASDA!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BuggerAll, Aug 16, 2009.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I worked as an Instructor for a Motorcycle training school. Took my last learners out on Friday because I'm moving on Wednesday. On Saturday evening I was going to go out for farewell drinks with my colleagues. We were going to Lee-on-Solent Working Men's Club - One of my colleagues is a drummer and was doing a gig there.

    Anyway at 1710hrs on Saturday I got a call from the bosses wife saying that the Schools trg area had been invaded by Irish Travelers and

    (a.) Was I sober and
    (b.) Could I come over and help move the bikes and other kit from the site.

    The schools trg area is 2 car parks rented from ASDA who don't use them and the kit is kept padlocked in a couple of containers.

    When I arrived at the site there was chaos. There were 4 caravans and there associated wagons parked on our lower trg area. About 10 adult micks and hundreds of grotty children scurrying around like rats.

    Plod was there in force with cars, wagons and CCTV vans. There were queus of caravan trying to get onto the site but plod was denying them access.

    Tempers were fraught all round.

    Anyway we started ferrying the bikes off to another secure location and Plod our Pikey friends and ASDA set to arguing.

    These piky scum may not be very law abiding but they know the law. Clearly they had done a recce because they turned up at the site 10 mins after our last instructor left. Fortunately for them between him leaving and them arriving some one took our gate off its hinges and pushed it open - that's how they found it - and no they were not responsible for the damage to it.

    As far as they were concerned it was an unoccupied site and they did not know that a business operated out of it - just coincidence that they arrived just after we left.

    ASDA were 'kin brilliant. By 1815hrs they had served them all with notice that they were trespassing and that if they were not gone by 2000hrs they would get the the bailiffs in to remove them. Our Piky friends told him to get a court order. ASDA is a big company with big balls - Our Piky friend were trespassing and interfering with thier ability to carry on their business. (IN this case the business of renting the site to the bike school)

    ASDA also told them they were banned from coming into the ASDA to shop and deployed extra security to keep them out.

    'You can't do that we have rights we'll sue you...'

    'You are trespassing on our property and interfering with our business - while you continue to do that you are not welcome in our store'

    Plod backed ASDA up and told them if they tried to go in the store it might be a breach and arrests all round would ensue...

    Plod also denied any further access to the site to the other 10 or so wagons/caravans that turned up and instructed them to move on becasue they were causing an obstruction of the highway by parking so many wagons on the side of the road. More arguing.

    Anyway we were continuing to ferry bikes and kit when plod came over and said that the pikys have jacked and were moving on. He looked a bit surprized as he had never seen them give in before.

    20 mins later they had gone. Certain amount of verbal abuse as they left and as soon as they had gone the site was descended on by hundred of gulls who started picking over the rubbish. They had only been there for 3 hours and the place looked like a council rubbish tip.

    I'm not without my sympathy for these people. They are humans and they are as entitled as anyone else to pursue health and happiness etc. But they had absolutely no regard for anyone else. They did not care that they were ruining some one else business. They didn't give toss about the filth they left behind them. There behavior within the campsite was awful. Kids running around like rats everyone screaming and shouting at everyone else. You know that dysfunctional family on the patch - like that but worse and in caravans.

    I also wondered about were they get there money. Some of the cars were were old bangers and some of the caravans were old but there were also brand new 4 x 4s hauling huge homes on wheels that would shame an American millionaire with his luxury RV.

    Interesting times. Could have been a lot worse.
  2. FFS I ain't going out in that :wink:
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Well done ASDA & Plod.

    I just pity the next area to be infested by them.
  4. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Apparently they were moving onto Southampton...
  5. Good edit :w00t:

    And well done peelers and asda
  6. I have pretty much lost any sympathy I had. How much do they take from society and what do they put back? How many rights do they demand compared with how much they respect other peoples rights?
  7. No one will notice a few more.
  8. when i worked in chattenden (search wing) there was a right rough housing estate just down the road. they shot at the previous CO with an air rifle as he drove past; everybody doing the double; allegedly a bunch of thieving ne'er do wells... every stolen car from the medway towns seemed to end up burned out there. police had a PTZ CCTV permanently mounted in the middle of the small estate, and they had plenty of business down there.

    we didn't even have to use civpop when preparing the guys for search in NI, because the local chavs would throw things at them anyway. the council used to put all the worst familes there - the ones kicked off other estates.

    anyway, imagine the outrage amongst the chavs... when a bunch of gippos set up camp in the field next door! all of a sudden, the boot was on the other foot. the burglars on the estate were being burgled, the car thieves were missing their cars, they were wary of going out at night because of the "friendly travelling folk". the council estate chavs protested to the police; i believe the phrase "taste of their own fucking medicine" may have been mentioned.

    proof that in 1998 at least, there was a god :D
  9. there's a phrase i've not heard for a while.....
  10. The 3rd Reich and the right way of dealing with Pikey scum.
  11. Pikies: living(unfortunately)proof that Adolf was'nt ALL bad! :twisted:

    Sympathy? None at all for the adult untermench who choose only to take from society without contributing to it. :evil:

    I have some slight sympathy for their children; no kid deserves untermench for parents. Having said that, any sympathy I feel for Pikie Jr would not be enought to stop me using him/her as a falling plate...
  12. They should make tresspass a criminal offence and not a civil one. Thats what Ireland did thats why the scum are over here.
  13. It's always amazed me how their decision to exercise the freedom of the road always miraculously coincides with the site they're currently occupying becoming uninhabitable.

    Since clearly this can't be the fault of such a tidy-minded, considerate and law-abiding community, I can only assume that the locals are choosing to persecute the poor travelling folk by importing large amounts of refuse and dog-faeces with which to decorate the site.

    You should all be ashamed. Did i say ashamed? I meant 'heavily armed'.

  14. Except you work at Tesco's and the closest you get to a falling plate is when it slips through someones fingers in the crockery aisle.

    Had pikey's follow us all over last year when we were lifting the old BT exchange cables out. Ended up arguing with one as I wouldn't sell him any.
    They kept hassling the lads and would be pulling out wads of notes in rolls of thousands trying to get them to sell them it.

    The company I was working for had an ex met copper as their security manager. He was telling me that they have a precious metal task force set up run by BTP due to the amount of copper theft from railway signalling kit.

    Anyway one day he was in atendance during a police raid to ID some plant. They had stolen a mini digger with a tracker device fitted to it. On raiding the site they found a key press with keys for just about every known piece of plant kit on the go.