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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Kilbride_Killer, Jan 2, 2010.

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  1. I'm a serving Infantry officer in the Irish Army.

    Does anyone know would it be possible for me to 'transfer' to the British Army . i.e. Join as an officer without going through Sandhurst?
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  5. I've never heard of an officer who commissioned from the Curragh and transfered to the British Army. I have, however, heard of an Irish Defence Force officer who attended Sandhurst, returned to the IDF on commissioning as planned, but later decided that he wanted to serve in the British Army and was successful in transferring.

    That said, nothing is impossible. There are cases of Australian and NZ officers who have come on long term attachments to the British Army and ended up staying on (I may be wrong, but I think there was a Sqn Ldr in the RTR who had done this). There have also been a few TA officers who have done the TA commissioning course, completed an operational tour and subsequently transfered to the Regular Army (without having to complete the 44 week commissioning course). I believe this is fairly rare lately though, and was dependent on the individuals developing a relationship with the Regiment that would ultimately take them.

    It may be worth writing to one of the Home Headquarters of some of the Irish Regiments; (Cavalry - Queen's Royal Hussars or Infantry - Royal Irish / Irish Guards) and seeing about an attachment and working it out from there.

    Best of luck.
  6. I know of the guy, he was sent to Sandhurst by the Irish Defence Forces to train (as an overseas cadet) and was subsequently commissioned in the Curragh but I heard later that he then joined the British Army.

    The Australian & NZ armies have the possibility of transferring because they are very closely linked.

    Kilbride Killer your best bet is probably to contact the HQ of the Royal Irish in the North.

    Out of interest why do you wnat to leave?
  7. Operational Experience?
  8. I certainly haven't decided to leave by any means. Just checking out the options.

    I'm coming to the opinion that the Army may not deliver what I joined for, for example overseas tours. The overseas prospects for new officers are very poor at the moment, particularly in my brigade. I don't want to spend years doing the odd course and knocking around quiet barracks.
  9. Sounds like a good enough Reason.....Best of luck
  10. Shouldn't be.... yet (there will be less when we pull out of EUFOR Bosnia and KFOR).

    If you are infantry, there is a trip to Chad 3 times a year and there are 9 infantry battalions, so you could well get a trip to Chad every 3 years. Most units would be short a few junior officers. There is nothing to stop you applying for posts when you brigade isn't lead brigade.

    Based on the 2008 figures, 32% of army officers do a trip every year. Actually just realised that only 9% of those of Lts did a trip in 2008 (but 38% of captains did a trip).

    My advise talk to your adjutant about getting a trip and stick with it.
  11. The battalion in Chad is not a full Bn by any means so positions for Lt's are few and far between.

    Only a small fraction of officer postings overseas are for Lt's. Unfortunately the battalion doesn't have the power to decide what officers go overseas with it. A lot of the time the troops going over don't go with their own officers.
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    The real answer is to contact the British Defence Attache in Dublin or, as suggested above, to contact a Regiment directly. There is certainly no bar on Irish citizens serving as British Army officers but the $64,000 question is whether we would let you do it without going through Sandhurst. At the very least, they will certainly put you through PCBC (if you go infantry, at least) and probably take you on a probationary basis at first.
  13. The other hurdle that might get in the way is that ROI citizens normally have to serve a year in the ranks before applying for a commission.
  14. What?

    At what point on the page does it say you have to be in the Ranks for a year first before becoming an Officer.

  15. OK I am a fool and just imagined four different individuals who went through that process. :roll: