Irish traditions in current regiments

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by wager, Feb 13, 2009.

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  1. I was just wondering which regiments that have Irish “roots” still maintain Irish traditions? I mean Officers and NCOs carrying blackthorns, celebrating St Patrick's Day, etc? I know R IRISH and the Irish Guards obviously have a very current Irish identity, but what of RA or RAC regiments that have Irish units amongst their antecedents? I hope this isn’t too much of an anorak question!


  2. Most of the army seems to quite enjoy fighting for no real reason and drinking because they can. Does that count?
  3. Queen's Royal Hussars and Royal Dragoon Guards are I believe the only two bar the infantry regiments that you've already mentioned. Exception of course are various T.A. regiments.

  4. I belong to a TA sigs unit with strong links to the North Irish Horse. Our SSM and Officers still carry blackthorns and we celebrate our irish roots and traditions whenever we can
  5. RDG for sure, blackthorns, paddy's day, bush in the mess, shamrock, all that stuff,

    Cap badge is Star of the Illustrious Order of St Patrick with the Enniskillen Watergate in the centre
  6. I was attached to them in Munster a few years back, St Pats Day rugby in fancy dress was mental. I worked on a function that day, the mess manager kept plying us chefs with pints of double vodka Guinness from 10.00 in the morning. I don't even remember serving dinner....
  7. Unfortunatley Mick I been out a few years now but many happy memories
  8. Didn't they do leprechaun throwing up until you left JT?!! :twisted:

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  13. I was the BK of 24 (Irish) battery at Woolwich in 1986 when an Itish BC arrived and introduced some signs of irishness. We had black thron sticks and tried to get a free barrel of Guiness for St Patricks day. Thats when the David Rowlands painting of the Priest on the landing craft was commissioned.

    The idea was to introduce to the gunners recruits in phase 2 training to the idea that batteries had traditions, history and ethos.
  14. I remember all 40 Sigs officers attending courses at Blandford carried blackthorns and caubeens mit Jimmy and a corps hackle. The NIH were in 32 Sigs in those days
  15. Don't the Royal Irish Regiment celebrate the 12th of July in a big way? I'm not sure if the regiment officially celerbate it or not, but I've heard that the lads go nuts on the 12th.