Irish tank-based tourist attraction

I passed by this place last week. I must say that I take issue with their use of the phrase "One Of The Most Exhilarating Drives Of Your Life" and anyone who's experienced the box-on-tracks will already know that the "Most Impossible Looking Of Terrain" will remain forever impossible.


£72 per hour for driving a 432? I used to do it for less than half of that a day.
Think it's cheaper than that in some mainland locations!

They Like To Us Capital Letters At The Beginning Of Each Word On The Site Too!


bovvy said:
Looks like this one is £75 for paintball battles in FV432:

(yeah ..... I know I've mentioned them before).
So that's where the cr@p LWC mock 432s went! I used to hate having to look after those turrets, especially as they did fcuk all!


War Hero
£75 to travel in a fecking "biscuit tin", what ever next?

Spent all my career avoiding the Tiff's 432 crew, then as an Artisan got posted to the Woofers in Tidworth as they converted to Armd Inf. Bluddy ASM gave me Spt Coy Fitters, 14 months commanding from a fridge on tracks - oh the embarrassment.