Irish Soldiers!

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Whiskybreath, Jun 10, 2005.

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  1. Thanks WB, that has made my day. This is one of the very few benefits of the peace process and superb to see a military tradition being strengthened after years of stagnation. Lets hope more recruits come over from the South due to publicity like this :D
  2. excellent story - thanks for the heads-up
  3. Any pics of the event.
  4. Ulster soldiers fought for their King and came back to find Ulster was three counties less, gratitude (WWI)
  5. Oh fcuk here we go again.
  6. Again... i've never seen this discussed on arrse.
  7. I wish the Irish all the peace in the world and may they all live together sum day in harmony.
  8. and look how much more stable those three counties are!
  9. Actually.... They aren't all that.

    Cavan in particular has a bit of a reputation about it...
  10. Irish soldiers- 10 Div & 16 Div- fought in the same war and came home to 26 counties where they became aliens almost overnight.
  11. Erm .. didn't they all come home to Ireland?. Partition was post-1919, or have I got it wrong?.
  12. Yes.

    Ireland had 3 Divisions 10th Irish, 16th Irish & 36 Ulster Division. The Irish Divisions were mainly-but not exclusively- Irish Catholic Nationalist soldiers and the Ulster Division wad made up of voluteers from the Protestant/ Unionist community. The big issue at the time was Home Rule, the Irish Divisions volunteered for the war hopeing that they would get home rule from Britain and the Ulster Division fought to prevent home rule from Britain.
  13. Ahem. Irish soldiers returned to an Ulster after the WWI which had not been divided, this division did not take place for another 2/3 years.
    Again, same reply reference the 10th and 16th Divs, another 2/3 years to go for partition.

    The 10th and 16th Divs were made up of men from the South, both Catholic and Protestant, Nationalist and Unionist, from all walks of life. The 36th Div was indeed made up of Protestant Unionist but did not fight to prevent home rule, they and the other two divisions fought to free the Low Countries from the Germans. All three divisions forgot any differences and fought together on the fields of Flanders against a common foe. What happend later was political and dragged these fine divisions into an ever ending war not of their choosing.

    Regarding the subject of this thread, good to hear of the parade, a long time comming.
  14. A reputation for being tight-arrsed money grabbers...the scots of Ireland...who go by the name "Reilly" (or a variation on that surname) and drive hiace vans...