Irish serving with the Parachute Regiment?

Discussion in 'Ireland (ie. Irish Defence Force)' started by DeltaIRE, Jan 7, 2011.

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  1. Hi, I'm from the Rep. of Ireland and I'm 16-years old. I have always been extremely interested in joining an active Armed Forces and with only two years left of secondary school, I have been seriously thinking about a career in the British Army or more accurately, applying for selection for the Parachute Regiment.

    I was always active when I was younger as I played football, but I hope to join a gym and get active for the future. I have two questions but:

    1). Do many Irish serve currently in the Parachute Regiment and could anybody give me any insight into it?

    2). I'm only a small height of 5'5, will that affect me, (if I dont grow)?


    Sincerely, Delta!
  2. I remember quite a few Irish back in the early to mid eighties. Some real characters included. It's your qualities as an airborne soldier that really matter at the end of the day. Expect to have the urine extracted remorselessly however just like everybody else. ;-) Being a short arse means you'll get out of the door easier and will be less likely to be 'counting the rivets' on the way down. Good luck with your application.
  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    At the risk of a Friday night wah.

    Nope you will have no problem joining the Paras. They accept anyone who measures up. If you make the grade you will be accepted, being Irish is irrelevant, don't let it bother you.
  4. DeltaIRE, this link will take you to the soldier recruitment section of the Parachute Regt pages on the British Army website. If you look at the top right there is a link for the assessment course programme.

    Soldier Recruiting - British Army Website

    If you get through the assessment then you will do Phase 1 (basic training) and Phase 2 (special to arm infantry training) at the Infantry Training Centre at Vimy Barracks in Catterick (North Yorkshire). Following that you will do Pegasus Company ('P' Coy) at the same location. Pass that and you will be posted to either 2 PARA or 3 PARA who are both based at Merville Barracks in Colchester. In days gone by you would have done your parachute training at RAF Brize Norton almost straight away, but because the C-130 fleet is tied up in Afghanistan there can be quite a wait before you can do this and wear your wings.

    I'm not a Para, so if you have more specific questions then post them in the infantry section.

    Hope this helps and good luck.
  5. Applications not welcome from those with an aversion to the names 'Mick' and 'Paddy'
  6. Plenty of Irish in the PARAs - if you get any stick just remind them that Colonel Otway was an Irishman (CO 9 PARA - captured the Merville Gun battery after which the home of 16 Brigade, 2 & 3 PARA is now named).
  7. as said before "*********" make the grade and your good enough!,we even put up with jock's and taff's as well,now THAT'S hard work!!!!!!!!.
  8. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    An ex Paddy Para saved my life once . he grabbed my hair as I was falling off a ladder , thank got . So i guess the answer must be yus .
  9. Yeah I knew a lad from Dundalk in 2 Para years ago, also met a Dub from 3 Para in Bastion too.
  10. There have always been Irishmen serving in the Parachute Regiment.
    From the very beginnings in 1940 right up till now.

    Blokes from both the Republic & Norn Iron, Catholic & Protestant.
    If you're good enough to get in, stuff like that matters not one bit!

    3 Para have a Green DZ Flash.........Guess why?

    One of the hardest, toughest men I ever came across in the Regiment was an Irish, 5ft 5" Sergeant Major
    who boxed for Norn Iron, called Sammy D from 3 Para!
    A total legend!

    So if you think you're good enough, you know what to do!
  11. See what I mean Delta!

    There's even a fellow Mickatroyd offering to fill you in!

    Can't be any fairer than that now, can you?
  12. What the Hell is that all about. Are you from a different planet to everyone else?
  13. quite possibly but just an example of an Irish lad who had no problems going Para and then Stores And Supplies despite background and family objections. As I say, different era. 2 Para Co from a short while back was Irish, ex FCA. There is no problem being Irish in Paras and never has been.

  14. I thought it was an interesting story and relevant to the OP; thanks for that JD.

    I did not read anything about the repatriation of James Condon's remains in 2000; presumably the burial of a former SAS soldier in the RoI was not something the MOD wanted to publicize.

    There is no problem with being Irish and in the Paras, except some of your (our) compatriots and family may not approve. You can, by your own efforts, advance up the ranks. Former privates can, and do, become commissioned and/or retire after 22+ years. There is, of course, a risk of injury or death in service.

    However, personally, I cannot see why you'd want to. As Biscuits-AB said in another thread:

    Why would you volunteer yourself to be sent to the planet's most hostile shitholes by politicians of the calibre of Blair, Brown, Cameron, etc.? The Afghans mostly don't want to fight for their own country, they'd prefer to claim asylum and benefits in the UK; most of the British public don't want the army in Afghansitan and don't support the troops. Why would you volunteer for it?

    Our leaders do not inspire confidence; most have had their fingers in the till, up to the elbows, fiddling their expenses and stealing from the public purse. The country is fucked as a result of their writing benefit cheques to buy their own popularity at the ballot boxes and the taxpayers cannot afford to pay those cheques. You will be fucked over by the MoD at every opportunity.

    I wish you every sucess in your chosen career, just take time to consider your motives before committing yourself. Best of luck.