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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by wedge35, Oct 28, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone know if there are any museums etc that deal with the pre-independence Irish Regiments of the British Army, whether in the Republic or the UK? I'm becoming interested in the subject as my Great-Grandad served with the Royal Munster Fusiliers in India and in the Great War and I would like to find out more. I know of a couple of places that have minor collections but is there anywhere equivalent to the Regimental museums you find in the UK?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. National Army Museum in Chelsea have some.

    edit: at least they had a display some years back. Might be a good contact to ask, anyway.
  3. I understand that a lot of the regimental silver from those regiments is stored in the cellars of Dublin University, in fact I think that information came from an ARRSE member............................can anybody confirm this please?
  4. I don't know of any museums dedicated to Irish soldiers in the British Army in the Republic, but the following may be of help to you:

    Military History Society of Ireland, Newman House, University College, 86 St Stephen's Green, Dublin 2. Their journal The Irish Sword is packed full of Irish military history.

    And this specifically regarding the Munsters:
  5. (Raises eyebrow) I seem to recall hearing a whisper to that effect some years ago. I cannot think who I would even ask about this, though a certain lecturer in the Department of Modern History does spring to mind. I'll see what I can find out.
  6. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    I was there and never heard of this, although a schoolfriend who commissioned into the Rangers (as was) told me that it is held in the vaults of the Bank of Ireland I think, or possibly a government repository. I am pretty sure that TCD does not hold it although it was intimately involved with the army having a War School and an OTC in the good old days. And their OTC were given silver by a grateful Dublin Corporation for their role in helping put down the 1916 rebellion if memory serves, which might explain the confusion.
  7. On the trail last year of my Grandfather's regiment (Royal Munster Fusiliers) ended up at Dungarvan Museum, Co. Cork (I think) or is it Co Waterford? anyway, this museum is listed as having all Irish army WWI records. But when I spoke to the curator, he said he had nothing from the RMF!

    However, if you are interested in the early history of the IRA and the Easter uprising, then they do have lots of stuff including Michael Collins' binos and a revolver and lots of piccys.

    There is a Royal Munster Fusiliers Association (formed out of the Regt Assoc.) and they have a web address - you can get it from the Great War website.

    Not much use I'm afraid. My GD got a MID at Gallipoli, involved in the Easter uprising, is in the painting of the Munsters at Rue du Bois ( I think that was before Passchendael) and after being promoted to Cpl, lost it in the mutiny!

    Have some formation history of the regt. pm me if you want copies.
  8. The Ulster Tower Musuem has information boards on the role of the Irish Regiments in the Great War and the Zonnebeke musuem near Ypres has recently hosted an exibition on this subject.

    If you send me a PM with your email address I can put you in touch with a very active member of the Dublin Fusiliers Association and the Battlefields Trust. He is ex Irish Army and is likely to will know who is the best contact in the Republic for the Munsters.
  9. Thanks very much for all the information, fellas - very much appreciated.

    Pretty much the only historical period that has interested me to a degree more than just reading popular histories and watching the Discovery Channel has been British India and so it came as a nice suprise to discover that the RMF grew partly out of the East India Company's Bengal European Regiments. Funny how things always seem to thread together!
  10. metellus cimber

    metellus cimber Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Trinity College, Dublin (TCD), has some silver related to the Easter Rising. Could that be the silver of which you have heard? Dublin University had an OTC, who drew out arms and ammo and defended TCD very effectively against the rebels in 1916. They possessed some silver, most of which is still there. Local businessmen, whose offices and shops the OTC had coincidentally saved from destruction and looting in 1916, presented two large Sterling silver commemorative cups to the OTC and small replica cups to individual cadets. For some reason the two large cups were later melted down and turned into nine silver dinner plates. They still form part of TCD's silver collection. The small cups turn up at auction from time to time - one in 2015 - when they realise high prices. Another large cup, presented to the OTC by Sir Edward Carson QC, MP, the Ulster Unionist leader and a TCD graduate, is still intact. University OTCs, with British officer and NCO instructors, continued to exist in the Free State until 1935, when the Free State Government disbanded them. The OTCs' days were nunbered anyway after 1922, but the Dublin University OTC in particular had become a hate object for Republicans because of its role in the Easter Rising. I have not heard of any other Irish Regiments' silver ending up with TCD, but it is worth inquiring of them. They are in my experience helpful to researchers.
  11. metellus cimber

    metellus cimber Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    There seems to be a revival of interest in the old Irish Regiments in Ireland. The one I know most about is the Connaught Rangers, two companies of whose First Battalion mutinied in India in 1920. Their regimental association has recently been re-formed with a view to exploring and illustrating the regiment's history. At least two others now have active associations. Worth checking out?
  12. There are quite a few groups on face ache, you might find something of interest there.