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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by andy44, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. If the Army ever deployed back to NI is it true Irish guards and Royal Irish wouldnt be alowed to do a tour in Northern ireland again because they think they would take sides?
  2. Product placement??????? 8O
  3. WAH shield to stun

    IG have done tours in the past and Royal Irish were partly formed from the UDR

    So what do you think ?
  4. Funny you say " have done". Im not talking about the past read the question.

    I mean have they been stopped from doing future tours if the army ever deployed back because of the whole arguement about the troubles of the way the army apparntly took sides.

    Think outside the box chum
  5. When they deployed in the past and if the situation arose they would be deployed again, simple really.

  6. Hows this for outside the box:

    Catch yourself on! (spoken in strong belfast accent with fried egg yolk on chin and breath smelling of guiness boke)
  7. In the early days of the most recent troubles it was the case that the 'Irish' regiments were not deployed. This attracted every war dodger in the British Army who got a hell of a shock when the rules were changed.

    Regiments such as the Scouse Guards, Queens Royal Scouser Hussars, the Royal Scouse Regiment and the Fifth Scouce Dragoon Guards to name but a few.
  8. early days individual Irish guys were given the option of serving in the 6 counties,
    certainly most my colleagues did
  9. We went through this last time - If you insist on gobbing off can you at least put them in order of seniority.... :wink:


    Quis Separabit
    Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum
  10. I knew that would get an unintended bite.
  11. Recruited around Liverpool I take it. Ah the Scouse Guards - well known as the only thing they won't take is a hot stove or a cold shower. :p
  12. Green troops will never redeploy back to N.I. full stop and as for the question fvcking bore off.

    And im saying that as a Bangor man.
  13. How do you know they wont? If you have ever read a newspaper in your life youd read that there are loads of calls for troops to be back, unlikely they will yes but i wouldnt say never. full stop and as for the question it was a rumour and i wanted to know the answer simple as.

    And im saying that as a Belfast man :omfg:
  14. Really? :? I wasn't and neither were any of the other dozen or so like me in my battalion, mostly southerners. We just went ,and were happy to do so.