Irish police foil Real IRA plot

"gas cylinder packed with powdered explosives from shotgun pellets mixed with petrol" - sounds to me like they are still awaiting tech transfer from PIRA. Only a matter of time.
They are getting their money from cash machines, I got 100£ out last night!
I think you'll find that is a prime example of shoddy journalism.

Even the blindest of the blind can see that, with the Royal Irish disbanded, The DUP being sweet-talked/threatened to join in the peace process with the formerly misguided and the word of Tony and Peter that the war is over, silly allegations like these are not helping to ensure that Northern Ireland continues to exist in a Shangri-La-like state of heavenly Nirvana.

Perevodchik - you and I know, that they are just sleeping - the meetings are still happening of the PIRA leaders and they are planning and planning and planning right under our noses
The Provisionals are behaving themselves at the moment, unfortunately its the splinter groups CIRA and RIRA that are causing a nuisance.

Just cos it aint on the news on the mainland, doesnt mean that nothings happening! The EOD are still busy every week
Of course there is still a few assholes up to no good. There will always be a few even if there is substantial political stability. By and large however the police on both sides of the border can deal with them. To use these guys as an excuse to hold on to the Royal Irish home service Battalions is a lame one.
It's Province.... provence is France...... tut tut tut
well my friend,

Im here now, and the big buggers are behaving (mostly)

its the little neds that keep up the nonsense - like targeting a different B&Q every third day
18 years - i thought 2x6months was bad enough!!!
Some of us get to be forcibly planted here, after our military army service. It's a continuation of the Roman strategy of civilisation of the barbarians. Have pity.

Still, Big Ian sent everyone a wee paper the other day in our Bel Tel, telling us why he's going to stick it to Cuddly Martin if the foul bstard doesn't behave. I'm afraid it's true - the DUP is the sole credible voice of reason left.

Doesn't help much in the matter of the "Real" or "Continuity" bands of cretinous pillocks, though. Someone's going to have to talk to them seriously.
at the rate their arms dumps are being found, and their 'volunteers' are going to prison before they get a chance to do anything really naughty, i'd suggest that someone is having a chat with them.

in the back of a scruffy escort with a bulging Halifax book in return.
'Scruffy Escort?'

Surely they use the latest in blacked-out windscreen growly 4X4s?

I expect nothing less.
As Gerry said
'They haven't gone away.'
Splinter groups are a very useful tool, do the required business but not associated to the Main Body.
Hope it stays at Jaw Jaw, too much innocnet blood spilt.
Mad_Moriarty said:
Irish police believe they have disrupted a bomb plot aimed at hurting the Northern Ireland political process.

Good news that the Garda are ontop of these W****ks!.

More here
This maybe a word I am currently unaware of. I have tried everything to fit something in here but remain baffled

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