Irish police 'foil Continuity IRA plot to murder British soldier

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Irish_Army01, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. Irish police 'foil Continuity IRA plot to murder British soldier'

    The paper said the plot was foiled by garda intelligence
    A paramilitary plot to murder a British soldier as he returned to the Irish Republic on home leave has been foiled by Irish police, it has been reported.
    It is believed the dissident republican group, the Continuity IRA, planned to shoot the soldier when he returned to County Limerick for Christmas.

    The Irish Independent newspaper has reported that the group targeted the soldier after learning of his holiday plans on Facebook.
    Gardai have not commented on the case.
    The newspaper's security editor, Tom Brady, said the murder plot was "well advanced" when it was disrupted.
    He claimed the paramilitary group had "sourced a weapon" and had chosen the location and the person who would carry out the attack.
    Mr Brady said the soldier was to be shot while he attended a function in Limerick city over the Christmas period.
    He reported that a Continuity IRA "sympathiser" had befriended the soldier on Facebook and learned of his holiday plans by monitoring his posts on the social networking site.
    Mr Brady said the plot was uncovered by garda intelligence and the soldier and his family were warned.
    As a result, the soldier will not return to Limerick but will remain in the UK over Christmas, the paper said

    BBC News - Irish police 'foil Continuity IRA plot to murder British soldier'
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  2. Well done to the Gardai.
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  3. Seconded.

    You've just got to love Facebook though, eh? Quite why people think its sensible to parade one's entire life online is beyond me.

    Arrse excluded, naturally....
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  4. Should also be a warning to all soldiers who use facebook not to reveal to much - you never know who is watching!
  5. A strong warning to all.

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  6. Absolutely.
  7. If I wanted to kill a squaddy all I would have to do is go into a pub on a friday night in any garrison town. If he was pissed enough he might even accept a lift home and fall asleep in my car to make it easier for me.

    People make too much of the dangers of facebook.
  8. Until of course you announce your intentions to visit a certain area at a certain time and you make it ever so slightly easier.
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  9. was talking to a guy in a nightclub in belfast 1 night and he was saying hes in the army, he didnt seem very drunk at all, i asked him about persec rules and such and he didnt have a clue what i was talking about, walt or bad training?
  10. Part of the problem with recent years in which the Forces have been encouraged to be proud of their service.
    In itself that's a good thing of course but I guess that it's very easy these days for the younger squaddies to forget that potential enemies aren't only the ones with a different shade of skin tone.

    I wasn't in during the worst years of the Troubles but it was still drilled into us to stay observant, don't leave camp in uniform, watch what you say down town, keep an eye out for cars following you etc etc.
    Of course, Facebook didn't even exist then

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  11. Good job by the Gardai. Not such a good job by the Irish Independent who may just have burned a source in their rush to get a 'scoop'. There may have been a reason the Gardai did not want to announce this publicly.
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  12. The problem these days is that those who served in NI during the troubles know to keep their traps shut, people who only think its another posting haven't got a clue about what is going on! They treat Lisburn and Belfast as just another place to go on the lash. I still feel naked going out without a 9mm.
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  13. We may have a "free" Press but we rarely have a responsible press.

    Few in the Press (gutter and otherwise) have any concept of the situation you envisage. They simply hit "send" and pass to the next "newsworthy" event.

    Or head for the pub.
  14. Easier target in the Republic

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