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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Arfur, Dec 19, 2005.

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  1. Given that our Paddy chums don't do GCSE's, A-Levels and the like, does anyone know what Sandhurst's academic entry requirements are for the Irish? I ask on behalf of a friend who's being told by a London recruiting office that they can't apply to the British Army as an officer as they don't have GCSE's - patent nonsense. Can any kind Arrser clear up this one?
  2. Scottish applicants don't do them either but there are loads of us Scottish Officers !!!!
  3. Contact Sandhurst directly, they will give you the gen.
  4. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    The Intermediate Certificate is the equivalent of GCSE, the Leaving Certificate is the equivalent of "A" Levels and a First Degree (BA/BSc) from UCD or TCD (or amy of the other fine institutions of learning) is the equivalent of its UK counterpart.
  5. Intermediate Certificate!!! You are showing your age - That's gone about 15 years!!! Its now called the Junior Certificate...

    Other than that you are quite right though....
    Junior Certificate = GCSE
    Leaving Certificate = A-levels

    Degrees are pretty much equal. Although usually they take 4 years in Ireland. I think this is because our Leaving Certificate doesn't go quite as in depth as your A-levels. I've heard it said that A-levels are roughly equal to 1st year at an Irish university. The difference is we do at least 6 subjects in the Leaving Certificate and many students do 7 or 8 subjects.

    I suggest your mate contacts the Army Careers Advisor in Belfast - top bloke up there, he'll sort you out.
    Contact details here...

  6. Arfur,

    Get your pal in touch with OCAC... or pm me.

  7. I just checked on some recruitment literature I was sent and it says "the minimum equivalent of the UK qualifications is 5 or more subjects at grades A-C in the Leaving Certificate at Higher Level"....

  8. I think you'll find that the Junior Certificate and Leaving Certifcate are graded at a slightly lower level than GCSE's and A-Levels. So the Junior Cert is at a lower level than GCSE's. I know this because apparently I wasn't educationally qualified to go officer in the Navy (which I now know was boll0cks-cheers AFCO Belfast.....) hence I joined as a rating. However, it is a common fact in Ireland that if you fcuk up your Leaving Certificate, you will have no problems getting into a Uni in the UK. I'm still trying to get my head around that one.
    I do believe that the last time a question was asked in parliment as to the number of Irish commissioned officers in the army, the answer was somewhere in the region of 25 at least.
  9. I Remember a fledgling Irish MD on a CMDVLP course at Sandhurst 1975, graduate of Trinity College Dublin. Told me he felt decidedly uncomfortable receiving mail marked On Her Majesty's Service while at university, this in the early 1970s!
    Great guy often wonder what became of him.
  10. Try having your fecking neighbours opening your joining instructions 'delivered by mistake'-

    Tricam is right about the education system and requirments and I'd back him up on the recruiter in Belfast as well. Absolutly a great guy.
  11. Well guys, being probably the only, or one of only one or two Paddies going into Sandhurst this month, I think I can say with some authority that Irish citizens can join the British Army as an officer (otherwise somebody has made a horrible mistake and I'll have a nasty surprise when I report next Sunday :) But if you read the nationality requirements they read something like "must be a citizen of the Uk, Commonwealth or the Republic of Ireland". Now, don't ask me why us Irish are the only exception, that I don't know.
  12. when I was there there was almost one per platoon. There were four in my company - almost as many Irish as Scottish - and it was about 50/50 Northern Irish/Republic.

    Together with the two Irish D/S officers I trained under, I find it absolutely unbelieveable that the number of Irish officers could possibly be as low as 25, even if you only count blokes from the Republic.
  13. Yes the 25 figure seems very low doesn't it??? I wonder does the it exclude people with both an Irish and British passport...

  14. Yep. If thats the case then Im and the four other subbies I know are a 1/5 of the total 8O 8O

    As has been mentioned already the whole not doing A levels is rubbish. So long as he has a recognised equivilant ((6 Irish Leaving cert passes, 2 at Honours level) inc English and Maths)) Hes fine. AT least it was when I did RCB in 2002.
  15. The only reason why the Leaving Cert is slightly below the A level is that with 8 subjects the Leaving Cert can only incorporate a proportion of that learnt at A level. eg English Lit you would only get to learn about 3/4 that you would doing it in A Level.

    As for longer degree courses, that may be because some of them take on two subjects. A friend of mine at Trinity had to do Maths and Civil Engineering on his course. Also, they tend to go in for a lot of placements in the second or third year.