Irish Man joining the 4th Battalion Parachute Regiment

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by THE-BIG-FELLA, Sep 27, 2009.

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  1. Right Lads I will lay out my stall as they say, I am Irish (from the Irish Republic) and I am Living and working in the U.K. I have always been very into the Military and have been looking around and think that I would enjoy the Parachute Regiment T.A. But I am just wondering can I join or do you have to be a British Citizen? and would there be any akwardness over the "Bloody Sunday" incident in N.I. during the troubles ? indeed are there any other Irish in it? I am not taking the piss now lads and any information would be appreciated. Cheers!
  2. Probably the best thing you can do. Crack on, fella. You'll find Micks all over the place in the British Army. There'll be no probs with being an Irish citizen either.

  3. 4 Para will take anyone as long as they can hack it. Give the recruiting team a call. If you're London/Southeast England, it's B Coy at White City.
  4. I'd be shocked if the Bloody Sunday thing would be brought up but would be sure to stay clear of it as a topic of convo in the mess. Other than that i'd say crack on if you think you can do it, as bugsy says there are irish everywhere in the army and there is no reason why you couldn't do it.

    Good luck
  5. 3 Para was formed after the second world war.

    They wear a Green DZ Flash.

    I'll give you a guess as to what that means! :roll:
  6. Thanks a lot Lads, Appreciated ,now I just need to get reasonably fit any advice on that one, Im guessing blood sweat and tears here yeah?
  7. THE-BIG-FELLA, I believe your problem is that you think you'll be singled out because you're a Mick. You're right, you will be, and the fellas will take the piss mercilessly. That's what squaddies do. However, exactly the same would apply if you were a Jock, Scouser, Geordie, Taff or from [insert place of choice here]. But you also get to do your own share of ribbing.

    What WON'T happen is that you'll be judged as a Mick first (with all the historical baggage). You'll be judged on whether you can do your job well and be a good mate. You'll find that you can discuss most things with your muckers anyway, just don't bring up something provocative in the initial stages.

    Very best of luck, my friend.

  8. We are not biggots in the Army. If you make it then fair play to you mate. Forget all that Bloody Sunday hatred. We had a recent RSM who was from Dublin, an absolute Gentleman who had a pint on the Shankill in the RIR Club. Our Army accepts decent folk who adhere to our core values and want to serve.
  9. There is a para documentry on youtube and loads of vids on p-company just to let you know what you'll have to be able to do.

    As for fitness run, run and more running!
  10. Only one guess? What happened to multiple-choice, then?

    OK, let me try: it was originally made of copper and got rained on. A lot.

    What have I won?

  11. theres a couple of irish lads on the recruit cadre just now
    one is ex irish guards i think,
  12. Typical 1 PARA Irish story...

    Multiple patrol leaving a location in a small town in NI near the border. Local nasty hag comes out to give the boys her usual face full of guff - in Gaelic too the brave thing. But this time one of the patrol members includes 'Paddy the PARA' from Dublin, who happens to have an A level in Gaelic. He allows her to finish, then gives her a good slagging off in her home language, and warns her that all our troops speak the lingo. She, wide eyed with shock, disappears back into her cave, never to be seen again.

    My only problem with PARAs from Ireland was that they seemed to be enjoying themselves too much - the Micks in 1 PARA anyways - cheeky barstards.
  13. Couldn't have put it better myself. In 2 & 1 PARA there were plenty of people from the North (both Catholic, Protestant, and Uninterested); they were treated the same as everyone else - i.e. everyone would pick on their weaknesses, peccadillos, and physical differences, and take the piss mercilessly.

    Bloody Sunday? It happened over 37 years ago. In my experience, the British Army celebrates victories rather than getting bitter and twisted over disasters.

    Best of luck in 4 PARA, and enjoy it - it will be a great experience.
  14. To be honest, youll just get the same amount of pish taking as the jocks, welsh, gingers, northerns, southerners, brummies etc.... no one really gives a fcuk.

    Youll be lucky to find anyone serving who was actually knocking about at the time of Bloody Sunday, Warren Point, the moon landings or the battle of widow McCormacks cabbage patch.
  15. CORRECT!!!

    Well done Bugsy :D

    You have won a place on FanDance, as you look a bit out of shape & could tone up that flab a bit! :)

    Actually, & to keep it simple, when the 3 Regular Battalions were formed into 16 Para Bde, after WW2, 1 Para was formed mainly from English, 2 Para from the Jocks & 3 Para from the Irish, hence the colour of the respective DZ Flashes.