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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by McBain, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. Hi, I'm an Irish lad of 23 and a have an IT Degree but can't stand my desk job. I'm looking to become an army officer a.s.a.p. and was just wondering can anybody give me some good advice about the long journey ahead of me.
  2. Contact the AFCO in Palace Barracks in Belfast for a start.
  3. I already checked out armyjobs and requested an information pack. Does an invite for an initial interview come with the pack?
  4. Alright there McBain, with your info pack they usually send out a soldier/officer interest form for you to fill in so that they can A.) Find out a bit about you and B.) Accertain wether you have the required educational standard to attend the RCB. If you are applying from Northern Ireland, then like the_ matelot said, Palace Barracks AFCO is probably your first port of call, there also offices in Belfast, Coleraine, Omagh and Portadown. If your applying from the South, then be prepared for a lot of phone calls and maybe some travelling. Do you have an idea of what Regiment/Corps you are interested in joining?
  5. I'm from Dublin so I kinda figured I'd be on the road for a fair chunk of the process. I suppose with my educational background in IT, the Signals would be seen as a natural choice but I'm still unsure.

    The corps I'm mainly interested in are:

    * AAC
    * Infantry
    * Signals
  6. with the influx of technical kit the Infantry isn't a bad idea - don't forget that officers usually manage and don't actually get to grips with the bigger kit

    Being a Dub might let you down though - if you are a Northsider! :wink:
  7. Good God, not a Northsider! If this is the case, for heaven's sake stress that you spring from one of the Southside colonies based north of the river - e.g. Castleknock (sliding somewhat down the scale due to that Farrell creature and an influx of wannabes during the 90s), Howth (heart-rending views of Dalkey... :mrgreen: ) or Malahide (unfortunately on a DART line and therefore prone to chavs in transit; also, distressingly close to Swords). However, extensive acreage in north county Dublin is acceptable (and dare I say it necessary for the IG? :D ) Being from the southside may also be a cross to bear, as the faux-toff accent is largely incomprehensible south of Dalkey and north of Grafton Street (the whole 'southside thing' will also collapse once one is confronted by the real deal across the water...) :roll:

    Seriously though McBain, PM me if you have any questions.
  8. Ouch!!! 8O resentment against the Dubs (by the way I'm a southsider). Ah well it happens :D Does anybody have any experience with the Irish Guards or Royal Irish Regiment so I would know what to expect?