irish joining brits

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by irishladdie, Oct 6, 2009.

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  1. looking to join the british army next year and just wondering how i would be treated during training,would i be expected to know more or would i be treated the same as everyone else.i have served for 4 years in the the irish defence forces with an overseas trip done too
  2. You will get the same banter as everyone else in training it doesn't matter if you are northern irish, southern irish, scottish, welsh, ginger, sikh, fijian, gay, lesbian. Every gets the urine taken out of them and no one is above a bit of "character building".

    As for your IDF service all i would say is that it will be useful for yourself as experience to fall back on but you won't be expected to know more or less than everyone else. The whole point of basic is to bring everyone up to the same basic standard of how things are done in the british army. There will quite likely be other people with previous experience (TA, ex-commonwealth armies) don't think it makes you any better than anyone or that or should have special treatment and try not to be a know it all (like many a young ex-cadet). Be humble, get the job done and look out for those who are struggling in your section.

    Have you made up your mind as to which regiment you are joining? Feel free to PM with any questions.

    Good luck
  3. Good Luck Irish Laddie. You will be 100% son. Are you applying through the AFCO @ Palace Barracks ?
  4. na mate definitly wouldn go aronud thinking am a know it all,ive seen it myself during my own recruit training from lads been in the reserves,there found out fairly rapid.

    ye thinking about the royal irish,have done a barb test and just have to get medical clearance now and get interview and selection and see wat happens from there.

    cheers lad
  5. Good luck too you.I cant imagine many units in the British Army that hav'n't got a quota of Irish,probably even the Gurkhas!
  6. Can i ask why you want the change? feel free to tell me to mind my own buisness if you don't want to say.
  7. killaloe ye mate did my barb in palace,they sending me to portadown for the rest they said they were to busy in palace and because am from the south it would be closer.

    could anyone gimme any info on the british army,i know the usual bullshit that goes on from bein in the irish army they say its great then you get in an its a load of shit.doin nothing for weeks on end
  8. to be honest i just think its a bit quite and dont get to do real soildering and its all i really wanna do.
  9. Fair enough lad, I'm from the Northern Ireland and know plenty of people from every side of our wee Island who have joined and love it. As has been mentioned before there will be plenty of banter but also chances to get in the thick of it which only a few Armies can offer.

    Good luck and hope it works out for you!
  10. Hope you are going for the RIR Son. If you are close to Dub me and my best mate who is ex RGJ from the Free State & a few Irish boys who served in the British Army are having supper in town next week, please join us. Far better you join the British Army than retire to the Free Clothing Association :wink:
  11. ye think my heart is set on the royal irish,just trying to get as much info as possible..cheers for invite mate,am not in dublin am living in drogheda.