IRISH: Joining as an officer: advice on all topics needed.

Discussion in 'Officers' started by scruffymcc, Jun 14, 2009.

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  1. Alright fellas,

    im hoping to get join the british army and be in sandhurst by january for the officer training.

    i went uni and law school here, but im sick of the industry and with the economy as fooked as it is ive decided to join. Ive been to an open day and spent the last month researching and reading up. Have to say im very excited about the training and army life.

    im originally from southern ireland, but went secondary school in the north.

    any advice on what i should be doing to prep 4the selection board and how to break the news at home would be great.

    if anyone out there was in the same boat as me when they joined a private email would be greatly appreciated.

  2. "Ma, yez sit down, as ah've something to tell yez".

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  3. You could be a Pakistani Jew for all anybody cares, if you are good enough you will get in.
  4. COOL,
    Cheers biscuits, haha

    Pantsoff, yea have a mate whos an ex-para, he said the same
  5. You can always tell them to tell the neigbours that you have a job playing piano in a whorehouse! :)

    Best of luck!
  6. Did that, problem was I stopped the neighbours in a snap VCP, get out of that one!! :oops:

  7. In regards to what you should do in terms of prep for AOSB Briefing, you should have a good level of fitness and strength (1.5 miles in under 10.30 min, the lower you get this down the easier it will be, you also need to be fairly strong for the obstacle course and the obstacles in the leadership challenges). You will be tested on your literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills. (I recommend doing online maths tests and doing some online aptitude tests, sudoku and stuff like that can also be beneficial). Ensure you are up to date on current affairs (with studying law you should already be doing this, I know this from personal experience). Then as others have said above that if you are good enough you will pass it. Good Luck for it.

    Then in regards to how to tell the parents, I think every parent is worried about their child going into the forces. You should just tell them how you feel, your reasons for wanting to join up, what your role will be as an officer. Your parents will have their reservations but they should support you, once they understand the your reasons for joining.

    Hope all goes well.