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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by IrishG, Aug 30, 2012.

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  1. Alright folks, i'm new to the forum i am thinking of joining the army but because of where i live, i could not come back home if people found out because i would be more than likely killed, because i am Irish does that mean that i can only join RIR or the guards because i know what they would march through our town and to be honest once joining i wouldnt want to return to this s**t hole.
  2. If by Irish you mean that you are citizen of the Republic of Ireland, you are, of course, free to join most parts of the British Army, as a trip to your nearest ACPO or whatever it's called these days would confirm.

    It's true that most from south of the border join the Royal Irish or the IG, but there are many Army options open to you that actually have a meaningful follow-on career when you eventually leave after completing your service.

    My suggestion to you is to join me over on - military - and ask again there, where we have a number of currently serving members who can offer you better advice than I can, and from a real Irishman's POV.

    Do you have any ideas of a career in the BA that does not include infantry? Some kind of a transferable trade skill for instance?

    Wanting to join the BA because you live in a shitehole is a commendable aspiration, but would not necessarily be a convincing one for a recruiter looking for keenth.

    Best of luck

  3. Being Irish does not mean you live in the Republic of Ireland. Folk living in Northern Ireland can also class themselves as Irish if they so wish.
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  4. I'm living in NI iv always wanted to join the army i had went for the irish army in 2010 but didnt get in, don't think i had enough points but i was reading up about the British army and think i will go for it i was just wanting to see if any other people from belfast had to keep their army career on the down low because of where they lived.
  5. Join us in the RAF, then no one will think you have joined the military!
  6. I have known a few lads from Belfast from both sides of the wall that have served long term and all have gone back there at the end of service.
  7. Thank you for stating the obvious. You will note, IF you read carefully, that I wrote ' are a citizen of the Irish Republic'.

    Let's just translate that into more meaninful prose, since it appears that you don't understand it. Most folks from Northern Ireland have no problems of any kind joining ANY part of the British Armed Forces, as they are as much UK citizens as any person born anywhere else in the UK. But the OP asked if his choice was limited to the Royal Irish or the Irish Guards. By implication, that suggested to me that he was NOT actually from Northern Ireland, but was a citizen of the other part of Ireland, where that seems to be the choice of most who want to join the British Army.


    PS - my site name is a clue to my actual name - which means 'plunderer' in Old Irish.
  8. Knowing that in the first place would have prevented two totally f&ckwit posts.

    Be a good person, now, and nip along to your nearest Army Careers office.

  9. Not just the Irish Guards, Royal Irish, SkinsDG, QRIH. With the possible exception of the Gurkhas, I think every cap-badge in the British armed forces has been worn by Southern Irishmen/women at one time or another. One of my best mates in basic training was an Irish Catholic, although he grew up in England and does not have an Irish accent. They have also served in other forces, from the Canadian Air Force, Australian Navy, US Marine Corps, and French Foreign Legion.
  10. Thanks folks
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  12. My first ever staffy who kept me out of trouble as a 2Lt was from southern Ireland , a true legend and a friend to this day.
  13. Mr_Fingerz

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    As a citizen of the ROI you can join pretty much any branch/regiment/corps of the Army provided you pass the security checks that you will have to undergo upon application.

    Fail those and you won't even make ATR. Pass them and the disc is your mollusc.
  14. I remember an RAOC guy at Blackdown many years ago, he was from Dublin.
  15. As said above, you can join any capbadge. When I 1st join I shared a room with a guy from the Divis (I am now his kids Godfather) and you make mates for life.

    Depending on what you want out of life and What your interested in / good at depends on what you should join.

    There are plenty of advice & or pish takers on here willing to give you there help.

    Go for it and good luck.

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