Irish in Afghanistan


War Hero

Lets not forget the lads who are still recovering.


Faugh a Ballagh
Well done the Paddys. Big slap on the back from this callsign.

RIP the fallen & I hope a speedy recovery to the injured,

Well done the ROYAL IRISH!

Strength and condolences to friends and loved ones of the deceased. Speedy and fullest recovery to the wounded.
Outstanding video. Good drills with the apple!

Condolances to the injured and families of those who didn't make it.
Good Effort!

Nice to see GPMG in the light role still considering it was supposed to be obsolete 15 years ago! LSW noticeable by its abscence...

RIP the Fallen.

A speedy recovery to the wounded and a Merry Christmas to All.

The one chap certainly likes his fruit!!
Ulster Regiments such as RUR,RIR and R Irish were always quality regiments.I know/knew them well and served alongside 2 of them.


War Hero
Excellent video. Bloody good work.

Rest in Peace the fallen. I hope the injured are making a good recovery.


There is a buzz around the publishing houses that they are about to put a book together on this 'tour'. A particular NI historical author was approached to consider the task.
A good choice as well in my view, he did a cracking job on the RUC book and as his dad served in the 'Faughs' his heart is in this one. So standby, wait, out, for the use of photographs with appropriate considerations of course.


War Hero
Alas though, no real mention on the recent Op award list for the guys who seved in Musa Qala. Disappointing.
Good work fellas! I've always admired the Irish, when its time to take off the gloves, they know how to get the job done.


Excellent effort lads!
Have 10 beers for yourself and 100 more for the boys who didn't come back!
We'll always remember!


Great film show guys.

Very brave, I've got to commend you people on fighting for the little guys back home I really appriciate it.

I'm not a regular, just a civvy-army cadet from our wee province, but I am hoping to join you one day to fight for the greater good.

I knew a few people who were over there aswell and I've got to commend them personally.

I can't express my admiration in words.

All I can say is I really appreciate it, rest in peace to those who didn't return, get well soon to the injured and Merry Chirstmas and God bless to all who came back enjoy a well deserved rest.

-Faugh a Ballagh


Job well done lads,

The guy with the apple...quality

I've nicked it and put it up on my own "Grunt" regimental site(with the posters comments, very apt). All the guys are impressed, and the end bit, very sobering.

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