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Irish History, Unicorns and other Myths

Once upon a time, something useful came out of the 84,421 sq km volcanic turd that is the island of Ireland.

That wasn't endemic child abuse, alcoholism, Magdalen laundries, religion-based guilt or theft. Not to mention their constant looking-to-the-past-for-something-to-be-fucked-off-about-today (diddlee, diddlee, Fields Of Athenry..............)

What a nation of cunts.

PS If the UK is so rubbish, as you constantly allege, a/ take your gyppos back, and b/ can we have our money back that we gave you to bail you out of the shite?
It all comes down to one phase "But what about?"

Used thus...

"Yes we could compromise on such and such an issue, but what about when you fenians did (name something which happened anything up to a thousand or so years ago)?"

"I could condemn violence and point out the members of the local community who are perpetuating it, but what about when you fucking Brits (name something which happened anything up to a thousand or so years ago)?"

Cycle endlessly.
As this is a new thread and bound to attract attention I'm interested if anyone from Norn Ireland can tell me what occupation John McDermott (nonce of Donagh, Fermanagh) had?


Book Reviewer
Just to stick the boot in early on.
Cromwell. He gets shit every time anyone opens their mouth. Yet in the agreed rules of war. A siege was as bad for those outside as inside. You got your chances to surrender, parley, pack it in and if the place had to be assaulted then God help those inside.
You don't actually think those Derry types would have been cut loose and sent on their way.
If the place was taken by force then all bets were off. The only reason it didn't happen in the English civil war was because they were neighbours and family, not foreigners.

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Everything that's gone wrong - ever - in Irish history is clearly the fault of King John and William Marshal and the things that they did around and about 1205...
OK, if we're onto Irish myths

"They were ENTIRELY neutral during WW2"

and let's not forget

"Under no circumstances did they withdraw sanctions against Argentina once the Belgrano had been sunk"

Honest to fuck, just tow that shithole 500km due West and scuttle it.

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