Irish Headline of the day


I read the article but I'm lost as to what it all means. We'd better get a grip on the game in case Ireland wins and we all have to become Cricket experts. Mind you Bowling is a minor sport in some parts.

"Ah, come on, Ted. It'll be grand, just like golf but without the sticks, the grass and the holes"
"No holes? Dougal, have you seen the roads round here?"
"Can't say I have, Ted. At least, not since those fellas in the caravans took them away last week to clean them."

So she "attracted the attention" of the Gardai back in 2013??

I can't find the article but was she still in Ireland at that time? And she must have been aware of this when she was being interviewed by the media.

I wonder what her ARP scores were like and did she "keep her eye in" while she was a few hundred miles to the east of her former comrades.

There are places around Kilbride where you could fall into a ditch and never be found.

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