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One could hope it came from the local council tax take but it seems apart from the Old Bill everyone else Scottish paying council tax lives in England:eek:
Exactly the same reason for this here in Jockland:

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Take a guess on how many native Gaelic speakers reside in Dumfries - if you hit triple figures you would be doing well.

The total proportion of speakers throughout ALL of Scotland is 1.1%. It is not an official language in either the EU or the UK - so what other purpose would the above have?
Excellent way to piss money up the wall.
Why would I want to understand a dying language spoken by a tiny minority of primitive people in an inconsequential third world country?
Didn't the 21st of Foot recruit from Ayrshire?


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Didn't the 21st of Foot recruit from Ayrshire?
Indeed and became in time the RHF. I guess the poster known as twentyfirstoffoot's religion did not sit with the majority in that Regiment.
Wasn't James Connolly a Royal Scots Fusiliers?
Royal Scots, I think.

That would readily explain his lifelong hatred of the British Army.