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Well, the actual story explained it quite well:
"However, Mr Lynch said the parade will continue to allow dancers to perform as it has done for "the last 33 years" - as long as they don't dance in the one spot.
"Marching groups must keep moving because we have four-year-olds marching and they're in uniforms and light dresses and if a group stops in the middle of the route, these little things are freezing, so the idea is for them to keep it moving and keep everybody happy."
He told the Drogheda Leader earlier this week: "The dancing led to long delays, with many people actually thinking the parade had finished before it had."

Basically, dance all you want while walking along in the parade but you're not allowed to stop every bugger behind you while you do a 20 minute jig in the middle of the parade. Seems eminently sensible to me.
Oh well, that’s ok Then, as An Englishman I don’t accept the way devolution works, now which pub should I blow up? Whatever the explanation it’s crap. Not having a pop at your good self.
Realise that.... just explaining why he wouldn’t have joined it.... he didn’t recognise its existence
Realise that.... just explaining why he wouldn’t have joined it.... he didn’t recognise its existence
Well there's the distinct difference between true democrats. We accept what we don't like and realise that there is a duty to greater good. That said I've always maintained we should never have made the distinction between Terrorism and politics and pure criminality. They run hand in hand. After all that is what the Allies told the Germans.
Man Savagely Assaulted With Iron Bars In 'Car Wash War'

There are some serious car wash wars going on .....
....‘It is in no way a Nigerian issue solely in terms of threats and attacks. There is a lot of Eastern European involvement in this industry also. At present, gardaí are trying to keep a lid on the situation.’
I'm relieved to hear that there isn't a Nigerian Car Wash Cartel operating in Dublin.
Would you vote for or against the death penalty if Brussels allowed it ?
Good question. I remember voting to retain the death penalty in a referendum but I'd probably have to have another think about it if it ever came up again. A couple of years ago President Higgins granted Ireland's first posthumous pardon to Harry Gleeson, a man who was hanged for a murder he didn't commit back in 1941. There is no way to grant an appeal to someone who has been executed. Apart from that, executing people for crimes is barbaric and only done in Third World countries these days.

Even if Brussels allowed it, reintroduction of the death penalty would require a Constitutional amendment to delete the 21st Amendment. Plus the dumping of several international treaties banning capital punishment and to which Ireland is a signatory. In short it isn't going to happen.

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