Irish Headline of the day

If one of them had slipped on a banana skin it would have been a perfect slapstick scene.

I liked the bit where she got punched on the lip before she got pepper sprayed. . . . . . . The lip?
The defence was on fire when it suggested she claim that the Garda were only there because they were attending an unrelated incident, so therefore shouldn't have arrested her! A certain winner that one :rolleyes:
Young woman (20) denies using false leg to attack garda

The Peelers go to a pub to investigate a report of disorder. One legged woman falls over while having her collar felt and her leg fell off. Comedy gold from the Irish Independent.

Young woman (20) denies using false leg to attack garda -
I know her, she's called Peg.

Surely the best Irish headline has to be

"Cork man drowns"
I used to know him years ago, when he was a buoy.
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Today I'm torn between Dave the Plumber and the garda who has been suspended from duty after sending a hoax bomb to his Superintendent.

Dave met some woman on a dating website, wasn't hacked to death by an east European criminal gang, got a jump and then nicked her car. Romance is not dead.

Plumber who went back to date's house took her car as he 'had no way of getting home' -

The cop is in Sligo where Superintendent Mary Murray is receiving treatment for humour failure.

Garda suspended after sending hoax bomb to his superintendent 'as a joke' -
No idea if its still a regular feature but i remember a magazine in Ireland called The Phoenix used to have a page titled " bog cuttings" that showed the funniest encounters with the law

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