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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by tartanlad93, Nov 3, 2008.

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  1. OK I know this probably should be on the joining up page or whatever.

    Im a Scottish Lad and lookin into joinin the Irish Guards

    Will the application process be a lot longer since I am from Fife?

    And would I still have a good chance of getting a place in AFC's September Intake?

    Any help appreciated :D If I am asking in the wrong place please say and dont just take the P*ss :twisted:

  2. serious question : why if your from fife, do you want to join the IRISH guards? surely the scots guards or even better the gallant forty twa?
  3. Father, Uncle and Grandfather served with the Micks :)

    Also intrested in the Watch and Argylls though and still got plenty of time to make my mind up 8)
  4. Go for Argylls..... better role...
  5. Why not ask FutureSquaddie,he comes from Fife as well,he's probably at the same school as you.

    Hope that helps :roll:
  6. 8) No longer at school, Just left in september :D

    Thanks anyway though
  7. The bottom quote is from future squaddie now i'm no Frank Drebin but id say it was the same person. :wink:
  8. ok sure :wink:
  9. Joey, I think your right you know.

    The posting style is remarkably similar, and the dribble smells the same.
  10. ok ye got me :(

    I F*cked up my other one and the name futureSQUADDIE Is a bit gay :cry:

    sorry lads
  11. 10 Points to Joey_Deacons_Lad.
  12. You can't join the Micks as you ain't from Liverpool!
  13. Served with the Micks, they were an excellent unit. Enjoyed myself immensly.
  14. nice one :D What Years? 8)