Irish guards

Few questions:

1) where are they based currently?

2) what is their role?

3) when the great game of musical chairs that is the arms plot ends, where will they be and what will their role be?

4) aproximatly how many young officers do they commission each year?
1) London
2) Stagging on at Buck Palace/St. James'
3)They will still be stagging on at buck palace when the arms plot ends and their role will be....stagging on.
4)Depends on how many applications they recieve. Unless you have a double barreled surname and daddy was a senior bod then don't bother looking for a comission in ANY Guards regiment.
Are you interested in a career in the Guards division by any chance?


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Selfpreservationsociety said:
Is anyone capable of a sensible response?
From what I have read about FAS it looks like skinn-ful is not far off the mark with points 1-3. Note sure about point 4 (aka wind-up?).
As I understand it the Guards are being allowed to keep doing a limited arms plot to overcome the problem of ceremonial. The battalions will alternate between Londist and 12 Bde in Aldershot apart from SG who will remain AI, but with an increased AIMI.
Question 4 - 4.5 officers per financial year (that is 9 over two years for those amongst us who are semantic).

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