Irish guards ??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Traverse, Jun 4, 2011.

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  1. Ok,hope in the right section here,looking at irish regiments ,
    If i go for irush guards do u have to much ceremonial stuff?
    Not sure would fancy that end of things,also looking at rir and hussars!
    So anybody know much about the guards ?
  2. IG are stationed in Windsor at present and not long back from AFG, I think. They are currently getting ready to do street lining for QBP next week. If you were to join them then you would be doing some Public Duties as well as normal infantry duties.

    From a personal point of view being a SG and son also a SG, if you join them you are joining a fine Regiment and a great Division.
  3. Cheers for that !
  4. Think of all the young, impressionable American tourist totty...
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  5. We're moving to aldershot in September so the ceremonial should ease off quite a bit. It's a great regiment to be in and although I'm slightly biased I wouldn't want to be in any other infantry battalion. Quis Seperabit
  6. Cheers kyle
    How often does the ceremonial stuff kick in etc??
    Want to make sure i go for the right regiment,ya know yourself !!
  7. Generally in the Foot Guards you'll do roughly two years on ceremonial then two years in the field army then two years on ceremonial etc

    I heard rumours that the Irish and Welsh Guards had been warned off to find incremental companies which could increase the chance of doing ceremonial straight out of training but don't know if it's actually happening.
  8. That's one of those rumours that's been doin the rounds for years. I'm all for it if it eases the strain for the London battalions a bit.
  9. Ever thought about the Royal Irish Regt
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  10. Yeah,,caught between the 2 at the moment,
    Will have to make decision soon !!
  11. YouTube - ‪1981 - Trooping the Colour - Queen Shot At‬‏

    The Ceremonial part it to Guard the Queen. This clip is of the Queen riding to the 1981 Birthday Parade when she was shot at, the guy doing the shooting was dealt with by a Scotsguards man who was route lining. The threat to HMQ has increased. A lot of fuss was made last year about the Grenadier guards returning from Afghanistan and then Trooping the Colour. In April this year the Micks returned from Afghanistan 2 weeks before the Royal Wedding but being Micks they just got on with it
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  12. Where are RIR off to? I understand that 1RIR is on its way back from Stan, where are they off to next or are they staying at Tern Hill?
  13. As Johnboyzzz has said they are in Windsor at the moment but will be posted back to Aldershot and Mons barracks in September which i do believe is a non ceremonial posting at the moment.However there is talk to keep them under the London District banner so that they could still do public duties as and when required !

    If you choose the "Micks" then welcome to the Blue Red Blue family which is the Brigade of Guards !
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  14. where you from Traverse? North or South?

    Royal Irish are in Tern Hill for a long time as far as I know due to the end of Arms Plot moves.
  15. What he said

    Must be bad I am agreeing with a Feckin Collie
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