Irish Guards? PING!


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If anyone here is in touch with Peregrine S***y former officer with the Micks, who took part in the H4H Battlefield Bike Ride in 2008, I would be most grateful if you wd be kind enough to ask him to contact me.

Concerns a young officer who may require a bit of an assist/advice which Peregrine may be able to offer. Bit of a longshot but worth a try.

If you know Peregrine plse PM me.


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I have a group on Facebook called "Irish Guards Past and Present" Apply to join and i will authorise it, if you PM me your name on there I will set you as admin so you can message all 6-700 members.

The Grenadier Guards are doing another sponsored battlefield ride this year

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vmts for assistance rendered....will take fwd with details you kindly suggested.

Thanks awfy :)


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