Irish Guards photo in Julys Soldier mag


Yes you're right - the Irish Guards don't wear a plume I believe.
That's all well and good but the chav on the front cover is definitelya Mick - and he hasn't shaved!
Not sure who should carry the can:

The Gurdsman for not shaving properly.
The NCO/Officer who inspected him.
The photographer who didn't notice the beard.
The picture editor who didn't retouch the picture.

Pretty poor show and it sticks out like, well, an unshaved chin, really...
There`s nothing chav about the Irish Guards.
Well said sir! There's more gentrified blood in the Micks than in the Almanach de Gotha and Burke's combined.
Black_Rain said:
Not Irish no shamrock coller badge and no blue plume.

Defo Grenadier Guards.
What's that on the collar then?

Booty said:
Well, someone had to keep a record of all that Teutonic in-breeding.
I like this quote, about Napoleon and the Almanach de Gotha

The self proclaimed Emperor wrote to his Foreign Minister, de Champagny:

Monsieur de Champagny, this year's Almanach de Gotha is badly done. I protest. There should be more of the French Nobility I have created and less of the German Princes who are no longer sovereign. Furthermore, the Imperial Family of Bonaparte should appear before all other royal dynasties, and let it be clear that we and not the Bourbons are the House of France. Summon the Minister of the Interior of Gotha at once so that I personally may order these changes'.

The response of the publishers was to humour Bonaparte by producing two editions: one for France, with the newly ennobled, and one for the remainder of Europe (i.e. those ennobled by those enthroned by Divine Right of Kings, as opposed to a (as they saw it) Corsican upstart.

Cover photo of stubbly Irish Guardsman. Story photo wrong. Seen.
Ventress said:
adyf said:
Yes you're right - the Irish Guards don't wear a plume I believe.
You must be thinking of the Jock Guards, Irish were theirs on the right, in a fetching Blueish green hue.
It's referred to as St. Patrick's Blue.

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