Irish Guards H13 ?

hello lads just wondering anyone could shed some light on something for me, i was talking to one of the lads in the London's and they are sending some lads out on H13 with the Irish Guards, they are doing all their build up training with the 4 Para lads who are going out with 16AAB but my mate reckons that the irish guards are also going to be in the 16AAB Orbat also, i didn’t think they had anything to do with 16AAB but i could be wrong?
cheers DB
Not really... gets announced in Parliament and MOD website
davyskuller said:
PERSEC? Perspective!

What? That H13 is going to happen (you expecting 'withdrawl' soon), that 16 AA Bde are on it, that the Irish Guards are going too or that there'll be augmenting from the TA?

You never know, it might be a leak to demoralise Terry that a PARA motar platoon is inbound supported by a bunch of Micks to punch them and Scousers to nick what little they have!

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