Irish Guards - current location

medalmonkey said:
Any one know where Irish Guards are currently based?
I'd have to say that if you need to ask, you clearly don't need to know.

Edited to add: Unlike everyone else I have bugger all idea as to their whereabouts. You may want to ask the General's wife's tennis coach's hairdresser.
Guarding the Emerald Isle as their title suggests durrrgggggghhhh thick o :roll: :roll:
They are in the Household Division along with all the other wooden-tops...have you tried their web-site poppet? I wouldn't want to patronise your pretty little head about that by the way.
I was gonna say I know as well, but then medalmonkey reposted :(
I know where they are as well!!! But being Irish I can't spell it!! :slow:

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