Irish Government & the EU treaty

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. Well, well. The truth will out. Irish Government wants to do everything it can to keep their electorate onside in the EU Treaty Referendum and the EU is helping out.

    They are particularly sensitive about Irish participation in an EU Defence force and "unhelpful" comments by the French President on that topic.

    No prizes for guessing why our own shite government was and is terrified of putting the matter anywhere near UK voters
  2. The mere fact that the incumbent UK Govt used a public vote on the 'treaty' as a grounds for the electorate to vote them into power, decided the 'treaty' no longer needs a vote and has turned their back on their promise to the electorate, is just another example of them showing their true colours.

    They don't listen to what the people want so why should we continue to support them. In fact get the wasters out before they fcuk the country up any more! :x
  3. As an old 'un who had followed the Common Market cum EU for over thirty years all I can say is that government telling lies to the electorate is par for the course. To learn some of the truth have a look at the UKIP site on the interweb thing. I think UKIP would have more of a following if it changed its name and the media, especially the BBC, stopped treating it as a party of little Englanders and loons. I myself have lived in various Continental countries whilst serving HM and lived for a number of years in the Antipodes. I am apolitical in that I think no party can be trusted and that very few politicos could hold down a decent job in the "real world". The EU auditor's office has refused t sign off the the EU's accounts for the last 10 years or so and the European Parliament was so concerned about this that it put an Italian in charge of sorting out the corruption. Bulgaria, where the rule of law in unknown, has just been allowed to join the EU. In short it is a crock of sh1te and it is making most of the laws that now govern our once great and proud land.
  4. The fact that Gordon Brown sneaked in the back door at Lisbon and half heartedly signed the Treaty when all and sundry fellow signatories had gone home, speaks volumes. :evil:
  5. The EU a socialist 'Plot' to get the old failed Religion of Communisam into power.
  6. Of course it is, that's why almost all the communist parties in Europe are campaigning against it, because...wait for's a plot by the mega corporations and industrialist's for global domination and subjugation of the working classes and to enhance "globalisation" and get cheap worker's....
  7. Peter the old communist cuntries know whats comming so obviously they are campaining against it.
    it's all the leftys who grew up cursing Capitalisam who still want to expireance Communisam/Socialism for they still think THEY know how to get it right.
  8. :thumright: