Irish Government Involvement In IRA bombings?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Letterwritingman, Dec 11, 2003.

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  1. British government accused (yet again) of 'ungentlemanly activities' in that they allegedly supplied 'int etc to a proscribed organisation' enabling them to sucessfully carry out Bombing's for brownie points. Is the Irish government entirely Innocent? :?
  2. oh but of course the only people who suffered in the troubles were the poor opressed nationalist peoples of Ireland :wink:
  3. Wasn't there an Irish Prime Minister involved in gun running in the 70's?
  4. yes but only using weapons and cash supplied by the USA, so it doesnt count.
  5. yes and what about the irish army camp in donegal that was used for training?

    but then the BBC are providing an open platform and ammo to Irish politicians to infer colusion without any evidence.
  6. Lets also not forget that the Irish Gov moved troops to the border in 1969 and again just after Bloody Sunday on so called "humantarian grounds"

    Charles Haughey was the PM alegedly involved in the gun running... strangely nothing was proved though - I seem to remember some of his business collegues/associates were convicted.

    And what about the Irish Army soldiers caught and convicted in the North for IRA activities...

    People in glass houses shouldn't th........
  7. Get real. You should know by now that it doesn't matter if the Security Forces spent the last 34 years following all their orders, only engaging people who have taken out civilians or members of the security forces and all been put up in court for murder.... and the republican movement will still demand that somebody other than themselves be dragged up to be blamed for every republican who has been killed or injured.

    At the same time they were demanding POW status and calling it a war.

    They are really lucky that the US was providing funds and arms rather than treating them the way a terrorist organization would be treated by the US today. They really would have seen a 'shoot to kill' policy then!
  8. Now that would have been worth watching
  9. Would be funny if it wasn't true. But years ago when it was kicking off properly the Provo's had themselves on the ranges at Ballykinler, loosing off a couple of magazines at the Hollow. Granted, I doubt they would have had their range letters in with Range Control.

  10. they also used to use the range on black mountain. In the 1980's a mate of mine in the DR was up there for some practice the SGT was complaining about the Brass on the firing points then realised it was 7.62x39 or so the story goes
  11. I've never been one to hold back in my criticism of the Irish Government with regard to its pusillanimous and self serving atitude towards the IRA but....... Does anybody have any CONCRETE evidence that the Irish Army were training PIRA in an Army camp in Donegal in the early '70's?
    Frankly I doubt it very much and it should be remembered that Haughey was not the Irish Prime Minister when he was accused of involvement in gun-running . he was a senior politician at the time though. and I believe he was dismissed or forced to resign over it. He wasn't convicted though.
    I'd imagine that a few Provo's did get some training from the Irish Army by the simple and legal expedient of joining the FCA (Ireland's TA) for a few months. I'd be very surprised if a number of Loyalist's didn't do pretty much the same with our TA however, it would have been too tempting not to in those days. There is at least anecdotal evidence that in the '50's and '60's it was known for IRA men to join the British Army, complete their basic training and then go AWOL thus providing the IRA with a trained man free of charge. I'd be very surprised if it didn't happen at least a few times, wouldn't you?
  12. that is true one of our members was asked to leave the TA for activities incompatable with service.
    Mind you the unit I'm now in found it had someone thrown out for gathering information for the IRA
  13. He was a Minister at the time not Prime Minister, he was found not guilty and they tried to blame an Army Intelligence Officer who was acting under orders.... the problem was no one told the Prime Minister or the rest of the Cabinet!

    As an aside, when he was Prime Minister he put everyone on 42% tax, while he bought a private island for himself and in 1 year in the 90s spent over IR£ 15,000 on shirts. A tribunal later found that he had received over IR£8 million in backhanders!

    He was found not guilty during the Arms Trial but was dismissed from the Cabinet.........he was definitely involved but the case was complicated (if the Cabinet had permission it wasn't illegal).

    See above...... one of the best recruiting events the PIRA ever had was the shooting of unarmed civilians on Bloody Sunday, you have to understand that the troubles changed over time. In the early days, it was about protecting (and getting rights for) Catholic people who were being burnt out of there homes. These people had extremely high unemployment, little democractic voice (due to changing of boundaries to ensure that Unionists were always in the majority) and very poor housing.... remember all this was done in the name of the Queen by Protestants (now adays there are words for this, that end in court in the Hague (having said that it never got to the stage of massive killings (in comparsion to say Kosovo).

    Unfortually over time it became more about the ego, cash and hatred of a relatively small number of people.

    You can't compare Governments like that as policies change (ie Maggy and Blair). The Irish Government policy in 1969 was to support the Catholics in the North with protection (see below), assist refugees (camps were set up around the country and plenty came down!), trying to get a UN force deployed and invasion was talked about. As the situation changed the policies changed.

    That is exactly what happened and it involved a couple of hundred going on "camp" in Donegal.... it is documented.
  14. Don't forget that the Irish were and continue to be very harsh on the PIRA, the Special Criminal Court (a non-jury court) and the inside of Portlaoise Prision became very familiar to PIRA members.

    The PIRA also killed a number of Gardai (inspite of it being againist PIRA rules) as did the Gardai kill a number of PIRA in the course of their duties.
  15. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    FFS PIRA killed quite a few PIRA as well, but there is no doubt that when the OIRA looked like gaining the upper hand in 1970 the Southern government,with American backing assisted the formation of PIRA to ensure that OIRA did not make Ulster a Cuba like enclave if the Brits pulled out. which they very nearly did when we had that gutless cnut Wilson as Prime Minister