Irish gov not happy with song sung at the old firm game

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jaybee2786, Sep 15, 2008.

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  1. Famine Song - Irish Government now officially involved over racist Rangers fans.
    By Barrioh

    Saturday, 13th September 2008
    Irish Government takes action and urges fans to contact Celtic, Rangers, the Scottish Government, MSP's, MP's and Police as anger gathers over 'Famine Song'.

    The Consulate General of Ireland in Scotland has started a probe into the racist behaviour of Rangers fans at last weeks Glasgow derby match at Celtic Park. The offensive fans, known as 'huns' by followers of most other Scottish teams, have recently had to ditch their sectarian songbook following sanctions from UEFA. They have now replaced those songs of religious intolerance with an offensive anti-Irish piece mocking the victims of The Great Hunger which killed over one million people and caused another million to leave the land of their birth. The song is titled "The Famine is over, Why don't you go home" and a spokesman for the Irish Government confirmed that they had raised the matter with the Scottish Government.
    Disgusted Celtic fans have waited in vain for some action to be taken against the racists but it seems that other than the Celtic fans themselves and one London-based Scottish journalist, no-one was interested in even acknowledging this shocking behaviour never mind condemning it. But now that the Irish government has become involved on an official level this will have to change.

    Celtic fan Tommy Reilly, from Glasgow-Irish stock himself and thus a direct target of the hate-filled song, said "I wrote to the Irish Embassy in London to voice my concerns after the recent game against Rangers. I had gone with my two children, aged 12 and 13, and I was very disturbed by songs emanating from the Rangers end mocking the Irish famine. Given UEFA and the SFA policy in regard to racist chanting, and I understand that these chants were clearly audible during the TV coverage of the match, I was amazed that no action has been taken by the Police or Football authorities and in fact there had been no mention of it in the Scottish media at all"

    "I am extremely concerned that by failing to act the authorities are allowing anti Irish sentiment to grow in Scotland" said Tommy "I wrote to the Irish Embassy in the hope that at some level the Irish Government could draw attention to this matter as I know a number of friends and family have the same concerns as myself"

    Tommy is a Scot and he explained "Although I was born in Scotland I am of Irish descent - my grandfather emigrated to Scotland from Lurgan in 1916 and the rest of my family on both sides settled in Scotland around the time of the famine. Although I do consider myself Scots I am very proud of my Irish heritage and I have made a point of instilling this in my children. But when my 12 year old son was sent a you tube video with two adults performing a mime of 'the famine song' from a 12 year old Rangers supporting friend of his I was chilled. I felt something had to be done"

    The Consulate General of Ireland in Scotland sent the following reply to Tommy and indicated that they had been contacted by a number of people about the incident and that they would be taking the matter further:
    The Consulate General of Ireland in Scotland sent the following reply to Tommy and indicated that they had been contacted by a number of people about the incident and that they would be taking the matter further:

    "Dear Mr Reilly,

    My colleague at the Embassy of Ireland, London, forwarded your correspondence to us at the Consulate General of Ireland in Scotland. The Consulate has been contacted by a number of people following the match, and we have raised the matter with the Scottish Government.

    When you have time, I would be interested in discussing the matter with you. My contact details are below. We would also recommend that you contact both Celtic and Rangers Football clubs, the Scottish Government including Minister for Community Safety Fergus Ewing, your local MSP and MP, and Strathclyde Police on these matters.

    We would be interested to hear from you concerning any responses you receive.

    Kind Regards,"

    As we await further developments it will be interesting to see the reaction of the mainstream media in Scotland to this escalation of events. Just how will they explain that a matter they thought unworthy of reporting, or should I say a matter they actively suppressed, has suddenly become a matter of great concern to the Governments of two countries?

    (N.B. Please note that the name 'Tommy Reilly' is a pseudonym for obvious reasons)

  2. Not really, I'd prefer if our Gov kept it's eye on our little patch besides worring aabout what goes on in a foreign country...that how a lot of those little ethnic war's start out 8O
  3. Don't suppose there is a Youtube clip of said fans singing any songs.

    Unless the police/security cameras can actually prove that the this song was sung, is it possible that it is just another allegation against the supporters.
  4. "Racist".

    The greatest and most grievous insult that can be delivered by any moron.

  5. Have'nt laughed so much since the last Pope died. On same day the Jambo's beat Celtic at Parkhead. And Rangers went top of the SPL. :D

    Calsburg don't do Saturdays, but if they did... :twisted:
  6. Will the Irish government be so keen to track down those denizens of 'Timland' who wore T shirts with the logo 'Kill a Brit' during the Troubles?

    Thought not.
  7. Are the Irish a different race? Are Irish catholics a different race? Are Irish catholics with blood watered down by Scottish stock a different race?

    I ask as a man with more Irish sides to his family than a pentagon (distilled over more than a hundred years mind).
  8. We can't arrest people for wearing a effing T-shirt, this is not the US after all

    Jesus do I need a green painted outrage bus?, complete non story, the Government's still on holiday, so unless it's a civil servent kicking up a they are slightly preoccupied by the fact the conomy is in the shitter's and the currnt Taoiseach is bumble ******* around the place like a headless chicken... 8O
  9. Yes to all of it, God's chosen people ect ect

    Except of course the Scot's were Irish in the first they are in fact double whip Irish, with twice the taste and half the calories...
  10. Er, I think youll find they can, incitement to commit violence or something like that. T'was in one of them new fangled terror bills.
  11. Thats not racist! They're merely asking a question in a vocal manner.
  12. Jesus they'd want to actually start arresting people for the crime of violence first, before we get to the who theoretical side of it...I can kill some here and get out in 4 year's, I'd get more for stealing a car......
  13. These Rangers fans are bigoted morons - just like the Celtic fans who sing
    "To Kill and Orange Man". It's all part of the centuries-old "wind up" game. If it has any sense at all, the Irish Government will stay out of all this nonsense. Without sectarianism, both Rangers and Celtic would have been just average football clubs decades ago. The fact is that they both thrive on bigotry, despite their protestations to the contrary.
  14. Mind you it didnt mention he was a priest and they where some one elses kids,

    Feek i am sure gary glitter was a TIM.

    A youtube comment: Theres only one gary glitter he done McGeady up the shitter
    Maloney too and BJK
    walkin in a celtic wonderland .

    Well, Mikey, my old son....... heres one 'brainless idiot' who can at least spell simple words like "THEY". Was it your catholic education that taught you to spell it like you do ( thay). Christ, go get yourself a bit of a real education Mikey.

    If only the catholics could be educated instead of INDOCTRINATED by thier church of Rome maybe they could do better than dig the ******* roads.

    "Now, Paddy, lets suck the nice priests boaby, thats a nice bhoy"

    and another yip rangers sing about child abuse ..its yous dirty fenian bastards who practise it ...

    and another

    Baghdad overnight.? LOL There are more arrests every weekend in Glasgow than there were of Rangers fans in Manchester so no need to get excited. Celtic's racist and sectarian fans are infamous for emptying the fruit-shops around Parkhead Cross to pelt Rangers' black player Mark Walters.

    English, Scottish, black, Protestant, they'll hate anyone not as bigoted as themselves. I therefore understand why you're envious of Rangers fans.