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Hi Troops I am trying to find the service record of my granddad who was in the free-state army 1920 /22.
I have checked the internet and keep geting something like castle burraigh rathness barracks Dublin. But the records move from there at least two years ago can any one one here help me please ?
Thanks troops .

ps the Irish side of my family are being a bit dog in a manger over the records and copies of his medals etc .


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the free state records do exist , as you say a heck of a lot of other records were lost in the big fire in Dublin during the Civil war ..... Hope my grandad was nothing to do with it . That would be Ironic.

I had the new address but lost it in my pile of files somewhere when we re -decorated the house . will soldier on .
Have money handy - every enquiry you make costs.

My dad was also in FSA, having been released from Mountjoy at the Truce. As a 17-year old boy he had been apprehended by the RIC and sentenced to fourteen years hard labour for 'feloneously and with malintent, igniting certain combustable materials, thus causing the conflagration and destruction of the XXXX station of the Royal Irish Constabulary in County Cork, against the King's Peace'.

General Collins and the lads thought that this was great craic, and let him - and all others of like mind who had been equally annoying to the former government over the preceding few years, - join the FSA.

He spent the next near two years trying hard not to either find or to shoot his elder brother, who was on the other side.

Apart from that, I've not managed to find out a thing more about him in ten years looking.

Good luck to you, Sir.


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