Irish defense minister quits over brothel comments!

Discussion in 'Ireland (ie. Irish Defence Force)' started by Cabbage_man, Feb 20, 2010.

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  1. Big news in Ireland at the minute. Their Defence minister Willie O'Dea has been forced out of government for accusing a Sinn Fein TD (same as our MP's) of running a brothel and being a pimp in Limerick.

    Here is how the Washington Post described him today when reporting on the story.

    "O'Dea, 57, has been a lawmaker since 1982 and defense minister since
    2004. He has courted controversy before, including when he pointed a
    handgun at a photographer in 2005 and got into a bar fight in 2007."

    Certainly sounds like he made politics a little more interesting. Looks a bit like Mr Potato Head![​IMG]
  2. That isn't quite correct:

    A Sinn Fein local election candidate (councillor) took a defamation case againist the Minister for comments that he was quoted as saying in a local newspaper.

    Not all the comments he made (as in the brothel and pimp bit) were published in the paper and the Minister stated these comments were false in a sworn legal document.

    Then the reporters tape recordings were released, the Minister had "forgot" he made these statements and apologied.

    The long and the short story is that he was selective with the truth to a High Court judge.

  3. And therefore a liar. :party:
  4. And therefore perfectly qualified to be a politician!
  5. Any wonder we want to stay British up her in the The Black North!!

    "Seconds away - ding ding - round two"!!

  6. Any wonder we want you to stay British down here in Popeville :D
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  8. i dunno if we'd have them.... especially considering some of em still call County Derry, County Londonderry :) sort that one out and ya may have a deal