Irish defense force buying out

Defence Forces staff 'buying themselves out of service'

Interesting article. I know a few lads in the the Army and Navy who I'm pretty sure would not budge as they love their jobs. from what i've seen work and conditions are comparable to British services, maybe not the level of toys to play with and being a small country hard to hide if you make a prat of yourself but a proud and competent bunch.
Just wondering if you extrapalate the figures are they similar to UK and other west european armed forces and are buyout costs similar
There was a big reorganisation in 2012 or so where basically everyone had to apply for a job.

A lot of people had to change appointments, Corps, locations etc. Of course many didn’t get what they wanted and have been stuck there since.
Let me give you an example from my experience; I was an apprentice in the Air Corps, joining in 1984. Because of previous losses of personnel, our class was 47 strong, whereas the normal annual intake tended to vary from 12 to 20. We were treated like shit from the get-go, so much so that when the apprenticeship term was completed in 1988, we immediately declined from 47 to 12, in a matter of weeks, all discharge by purchase. This was as a consequence of several things; the economy was picking up, lads were fed up at the bullying and other ill treatments and Qantas came calling, looking for qualified lads. It cost £1200 to buy out, which was a huge amount of money, but lads scraped it together and got out. The response from the State; jack it up to £5000!! they were handing pilots huge money to stay yet tried to penalise techs who wanted to leave.......the Air Corps lost 240 people, from a start point of about a thousand, all souls, in a matter of months and it took the best part of a decade to make up the skills loss. the Irish military hierarchy is still doing stupid things, as if they have learnt nothing from all the years of manpower loss, so people are streaming out as quickly as they can ink a form. It's entirely their own fault yet it suits the State because it saves money.
Generally AFAIK the buy out option is a couple of hundred euro at most.

If you have specialist qualifications or the DF put you through college etc etc there is a return for service element (eg if you do a 4 year degree you may have to do those 4 plus another 4) or you have to pay though the nose.

I think I heard a pilot has to pay €85,000 if they leave straight away (I think it goes down as the years progress)


And to think we chucked away all those pilots just before the left Cranwell, perhaps you could have had them?


A big opportunity missed by Ryan Air, they could have had the pilots flying over on rotation with commercial pax and then the Irish Air Corps pay their wages during the week.

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