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Discussion in 'Ireland (ie. Irish Defence Force)' started by GwaarSoldier, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone here had any experience working with the Irish Army, or any of their Defence Forces for that matter? And does anyone know if they run exchanges with the British Army?
  2. Had a brief brush with them.

    Involved a quick look at a Green and White card and a quick turn round. Not too far over honest..
  3. Soldiers from the Irish Army have attended courses at Warminster and Brecon over the years so there's bound to be some on here who have been on courses with them. No exchange postings that I know of.
  4. Currently working with Irish Army detachment here. Very good, very professional and dedicated.
  5. About the only course of major note the Irish offer to foreigners are at the UN School in the Curragh. That said, there are some other exchanges open, but there aren't many of them.

  6. Dunno about exchanges, but what I can tell you is that the ex-Mrs Sauce's Dad was in the Irish Army on UN duty in Lebanon. Nearly got his arrse shot off on numerous occasions. As previously stated, well though-of, well organised.
  7. True story, back in the 70s the Rev Paisley was doing his biz in a church south of the border. The Irish Army deployed to protect his route. All going well when OC sees soldier with rifle to shoulder and aiming at said cleric. On enquiring of soldier as to what he was doing got reply "Well sor, I want to be able to tell me old mother in Kerry that I had the Reverend Paisley in me sights". Story from OC at party with friend from IA doing long cse in UK.
  8. It seems as if our (Irish) chaps might be finally moving into the mainstream of military perception a bit more with the current Chadian deployment.

    While it is unfortunate that we are strained to operate a Bn minus out there it still makes us the second biggest contributor after Les Grenuoilles and I suspect if Kosovo hadn't become operation hot potato again additional resources might have been on the way.
    It remains to be seen if their will be any significant troubles for Eufor in Chad or if they will encounter the same sort of (Forgive me guardians of PC) "OH no White men, run away!" reaction that seems to have characterised the last major deployment in Liberia.

    Oh well.
  9. Worked very closely with them on one tour.

    Good lads. The Irish martial spirit is clearly still there. Better disciplined than our people, but current military culture is a bit more "peacekeeping-force for good" than ours.

    Officers a bit older on average than ours but a real sense of Regimental Family about their units.
  10. Well, time for a slightly alternative viewpoint...

  11. Had an Irish Capt on my mortar course. Top bloke, very professional although he was a little in awe at our operational service. Great bloke on the lash as you'd expect!
  12. When l got crashed out to Kosovo with the Grens in 04 we patroled the dark streets on foot whilst the rest of the EU went around the roads in Fuchs with 50 cals hanging off them. The only exception to this was the Irish. They were the only ones l bumped into in the dark and dingy areas.
    Which should say alot.
    I did find that as people majority of them were friendly to us while l did notice that a few were'nt as friendly.
  14. They were probably either tired or jealous....after all their military cousins from 1RIrish had beaten them to it some years before when the sh!t hit that particular fan...