Irish connection

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Crazy_Ranger, Jun 8, 2005.

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  1. Crazy_Ranger

    Crazy_Ranger Swinger

  2. Vonshot

    Vonshot War Hero

    Not much there really, cant even see open the Tim Collins thread... bit boring..... nae filth :twisted:
  3. Ranger

    Ranger Swinger

    thats for the irish army you kunting mong.
  4. Vonshot

    Vonshot War Hero

    What exactly is for the Irish Army you foul mouthed oik? The Tim Collins thread or the whole site? Its still boring but in a nice twee way :wink:

    I hope I have not hurt your feelings
  5. stameen_s

    stameen_s Old-Salt

    different forces, different attitudes :)
  6. Crazy_Ranger

    Crazy_Ranger Swinger

    Well spotted.
  7. Crazy_Ranger

    Crazy_Ranger Swinger

    Well spotted.
  8. Ranger_Danger

    Ranger_Danger War Hero

  9. No shi'te Sherlock!!!