Irish commentary on the state of the world.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Machristo, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. Shamelessy stolen straight from Twenty Major

  2. Like the Murphy's, he's not bitter...

    Well said, though. Eloquently put and hits the nail right on the head.
  3. From the comments section -

  4. May I recommend Two fathoms of good old dependable 2inch Hemp rope, suitably knotted. a great Cure All.
  5. And a sturdy Victorian lamppost. Don't forget the lamppost.
  6. Can I recommend 5-10 'concerned' residents, masked up with pick axe handles and a trip to the young disadvantaged youths houses, that would also send out a certain message a damn sight quicker than a youth club and a labour policy.
  7. That's probably not the best thing around these part's, our "concerned citizens" suitably attired like that, almost always seem to belong to a 3 lettered private members club with that well know acronym that contains the letters R,A and usually I.
  8. The Royal Artillery? :eek:
  9. and then they let the little wankstain out on bail :pissedoff:

    But he's promised to stay sober and not stab anyone repeatedly in the head with a screwdriver. I'm sure his word is his bond. :x

  10. Is that because the Easter period - Lent etc follows the Lunar cycle and not any religious dates. In fact it is made up, to cover up and hide the Druid religion (and what ever other religion used the lunar cycle for this timeline) think it was to do with the Equinox (not Jean Michael Jarre)

    The Rome Mob, they really have got no fcuking clue!
  11. Cuntbutler is now my new favourite word.

    The funny thing is, Irish Scangers/Chavs are almost uniformly anti-british (well apart from the football clubs they support) yet without the accent you would never tell they weren't the above named Chatham Average.
  12. What, like this scanger protesting at the time of the Ireland v England game in Croke Park last year? :D

  13. Well credit where it's due, he did manage to spell four words correctly...oh no wait, Sinn Fein probably wrote out the poster for him.