Irish Brit lookin to join RE or Sigs

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by hammy140, Mar 7, 2004.

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  1. Hi lads, just have a few questions. Although born In England, I've lived in ROI since I was three. Would this constitute a problem with bullying etc? I wouldn't mind being called Paddy, if thats all its going to be!(lay of land Jocks Taffs+Paddys!). Is there many Irish peeps there?
    Also I'm a House+Dance DJ, could I maybe keep this up entertaining people in the Mess at the weekends? Imagine some Barracks in Germany or Bosnia rocking to the CHOONS of DJ Hammy! Wicked man!
    Any info would be appreciated, Cheers
  3. This is clearly a wind up.

    If not, then God help us.

    Very good of you not to mind being called "Paddy" though. Just make sure you fill in the appropriate disclaimer on your EO contract when you sign up. This will save time and effort when you later attempt to sue for massive compensation.

    What Mess do you envisage playing your House Music in?
  4. you could try. what's the worst that can happen?
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Yeah, try the Sgt's Mess - it'll go down a treat...
  6. why not all the Messes at once? turn the volume up really loud. you've clearly got the right idea:

  7. Em the DJ thing was kind of off topic, what about the other things, seriously guys?You are there so you know!
  8. If you go for the Signals, they'll offer you Information Sytems Operator (computers to us) and Electrician Driver (generator mechanic). That is if the MCM brief I was given late last year is still correct. (A lot can change in 4 months!) You won't get offered any technician trades, as they are overmanned!

    If you go for Engineers, the latest I've heard is that they are only taking Plant Operators (diggers, tractors, etc) and plant mechanics.

    If you want a decent pension, get in quick, or you'll get a shit one. Think long and hard about it, as I reckon things are going to get worse. (Thank fook I'm out in 2 years!)

    On second thoughts, there must be other armies out there that aren't getting shafted - mustn't there? :?
  9. DangerMouse

    DangerMouse Old-Salt Moderator

    Two points:

    Information Systems Operator is renaming to Information Systems Engineer in the very near future (if it hasn't already).

    Thanks for those mature and helpful comments... The eloquent and articulate way in which you phrased your posting, substantiated your line of argument, and justified your statements was particularly appreciated. (Passed-over? Bitter? Well done - you hid it well. ;-))

    For authorative information about the Army call 08457 300 111, or visit a recruiting office - addresses can be found at:
  10. You've all gone off-topic guys. Focus on what 'hammy140' really wants the low-down on:

    someone out there will help you, hammy140.[/b]
  11. I'm in the Sigs and was in 'Derry a few years ago, where there was a telemech from ROI in our sqn. He had tried to join the airforce in Eire and was dissapointed to find that all their kites were broken so he hopped over the razor wire and ambled into the Army Careers Office in Omagh and the rest is history. Go tech or IS Op. For God's sake don't join the Sappers; they're all......
  12. What, both of them at the same at the same time?
  13. hiya hammy,

    i'm born and bred in dublin and did 13 years in the infantry of which i served 6 and a half in northern ireland (and loved most of it).

    i'm now an IS Engineer (formerly known as IS Ops) in the Royal Signals doing IT in Baghdad of all places.

    i've always served in traditionally 'english' units and the blokes have been fine and i find they take you on face value. i deliberately joined a british unit and not a 'royal irish' unit to get away from all that and i must say 99% of the english, welsh, scottish and northern irish guys i have ever come across have been all brilliant. squaddies are squaddies and generally good guys who get on with things.

    it's what you make of it and if like most irishmen you can laugh at yourself then you have half the battle won. the british army will treat you well and fairly - have no worries.

    it's your for the taking.


    (surrounded by scotsmen in baghdad)

    good luck agus slán
  14. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Top post that Scanman - Bravo Zulu sir.

    Hammy, AFAIK the Nationality rules shouldn't be a problem, though they may ask you for a bit of residency...not too sure.

    I met an 82nd Airborne Sgt at Bragg whose sideline is Trance and Hard House a few years ago - made a lot of money at weekends as 'DJ Eclipse'. reckoned he was the only 'Full-on Trained Killer' at the Miami Music event!

    Go for it...
  15. OK lads just to give you all an update.
    After passing RSC, my time limit expired because a class in RE didnt open until August or something, they asked me to go for the fitness again, i declined and put it off for a while.
    So now i start from scratch and i'm gonna look at all my job options because i dont have to do the barb again.
    RE or sigs here i come(hopefully)