Irish Boom & Bust Pt.2 in the making

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Proper_Gander, Oct 11, 2012.

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  1. BBC News - Ireland 'close to oil billions'

    Maybe I'm cynical, but all I can see our celtic friends blowing all their dosh.
    They will be all high and mighty for a few decades, and when it runs out they'll be knocking at the door again, cap in hand, because they will not've prepared for when it runs out.
  2. Right what crap can we sell the paddys while they have the cash?
    Look beads shiny shiny beads?

    Or we could do Op emerald freedom we have loads of desert kit seems a shae to waste it.
    Probably get away without firing a shot in anger *

    * think i heard that somewhere before cant imagine where though.
  3. What, you mean like their neighbours have done?
  4. "beads"?....**** you and your "beads", fire water! lots of it.
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  5. Opium? Worked with China.
  6. Makes me sleepy.
  7. Well we lent them £7 Billion in 2010, so I suppose they will be able to pay it back. (Yes, I know you are going to anyway lads)!
  8. Er hum The Micks invented ishky beher= whiskey keep your fire water. they also invented porter, the black stuff with froth on the top.
  9. 280m barrels you say? Enough to supply world demand for three days.
    In 2010 the Irish were consuming 143,100 barrels per day.
  10. Don't think so, first produced and served in London, there is a pub on Great Eastern Street, The Old Blue last that used to have a sign to that effect named after the market porters who drank it a lot. Guiness took it back to Dublin and concentrated on it as a main product. Agood decade after the English developed it.
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  11. I did a seismic survey there over 15 years ago and found some very weird stuff down there
  12. I guess the 25,000,000,000 $ might make them think
    it worth it. At todays prices.
  13. This has been known about for a few years. Only just economical to get the stuff out now.

    Good luck to them. Hope their government doesn't piss it up the wall like ours did.

    They will do though won't they!
  14. Are we still talking Guinness?
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  15. Did we?....I'm sure there is some of that Scottish shite that we could use to pass the time, or turn into molotov cocktails.