Irish Banks may be Nationalized as Property price colapse.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Mar 11, 2008.

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    Ah the Strengths and joys of the Euro.
    Just hope the Irish vote against the Euro treaty.
    Reminds me of the tale about one George Soros said to have made a Billion quid from the Bank of England.
    He made his Billion from Speculators not from the Bank of England, but Labour like to blame the Tories who did foul up.
    They fouled up by sticking to 2 DM to the pound.
    Now UK is free to choose it's interest rate, Free from Brussels, while Europe must stick to One Common exchange rate and Little cuntrys are allowed to go down the drain.
  2. I think might force some of them to wind their neck in, for the last 15+ years Dublin/Ireland has been new money town with attitudes of entitlement exceeding the Beckhams.

    I believe the latest generation has been described as the expectocracy
  3. oldbaldy

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    You can say that again!
  4. I do think that one day Europe will be united.
    But not now.
    The Political and more importantly the finacial structures are too wide.
    I have said that in my opinon the European grouping exsisted first to give Germany 'Respectability' post WW II and to bail out the French and their disasterous economy.
    New members like Ireland and the Mediterainian States where Bribed to join and Play the Game.
    Now that the East European States have joined the Bribes have run out and the Crazy Common Intrest rates will slowly kill cuntrys or have to be abandoned.