Irish Army take Delivery of New RG32m from South Africa.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Walt.R.Greenjacket, Apr 21, 2010.

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  1. Ha h, look at the funny little leprechauns
  2. I thought it had been established that flat-bellied trucks like this were something of a deathtrap in what has become the standard Western Army v. Dark-Skinned Chaps with Bombs/Command-wires/RPGs 'war'.

    Still, once the Irish Army get to grips with that concept, I'll buy one of their cheap surplus for thrashing around in my lower field (without all that heavy armour, of course).
  3. The Swedes bought 150 or so RG32Ms a few years ago, they have used them in Afghanistan. It was one of the contenders for the British Army's CLV project, won by the Iveco LMV, which has entered service as the Panther. Some people think the RG32M should have been selected instead. The Panther doesn't seem to have had too many adverse reports from Helmand though, but it took a hell of a long time to get into actual use, requiring a lot of modifications.
  4. I believe that they have a V-Shaped Hull which is in line with your thinking.
  5. Whisky,
    I believe that they have a V-shaped hull which is in line with your thinking.
  6. OK, then that should keep me from sinking too far into the mud by the South fence. Glad to see it has all the requisite winches, tow-points etc.
  7. Plus- that's not a V-shaped hull:


    That's a V-shaped hull:

  8. Ha ha, you're right. They are so funny they don't even have mags on! Screw the nut fellas!

  9. Give em a break will ya, just publicity shots of the nice new shiny brooom brooom.
  10. Its actually worse. Only the one in the foreground has no mag fitted. What a way to run an army, eh? I think I'll leave my ammo at home today....
  11. and his boots look like they dont fit, to be sure
    :D :D
  12. Don't panic lads, here come the reinforcements. What were you saying about mags and boots?

  13. Looks like a d'finite left-footer to me....
  14. o b jesus !!!!!!!
    craggy island def force on tour