Irish Army RG32M - Would this vehicle be right for Afghanistan.

There is an interesting link below to the recently-purchased Irish Army
RG32M which has now been deployed to southern Lebanon with the Irish to UNIFIL.

In light of the success that the Royal Marines have had with the Sea Kings in Helmand would a combination of these vehicles and the Sea Kings operating rather like the Rhodesian Fire Force concept have any advantages?

The Light Armoured Tactical Vehicle - YouTube

The variants chosen seem to be well-thought out also.

Four different variants of the vehicle have been purchased: A Standard variant which incorporates a protected weapons station; An Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) variant fitted with specialist surveillance equipment; A Surveillance and Target Acquisition (STA) variant which incorporates enhanced Fire Control systems and a Communications Information and Signals (CIS) variant which is fitted with advanced communications systems.

Sea Kings in Helmand.

Navy Sea Kings making a big difference in Helmand

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